mentor and mentee meeting
mentor and mentee meeting

Celebrating Our Personal Heroes

Celebrating Our Personal Heroes

We asked who you thought was an inspirational figure in your life and career as a massage therapist, and your answers—ranging from educators to grandparents—show how important community is when you’re living your passion.

Melissa Ryan, LMT

“Doug Nelson. I took my first seminar with him and was just in awe of how he approaches massage therapy. A therapeutic health care-oriented practice is the exact reason I became a licensed massage therapist.”

Beth Youngdoff, LMT

“My two primary teachers, Jim Berns and Kathleen Davis, gave me the subtle tools and deep connection that are the base of my practice.”

Debbie Kilty, LMT

“The first continuing education class I took after graduating greatly influenced the therapist I am today. That class was myofascial release massage with Howard Rontal. I went on to become certified in this modality. Howard was an amazing teacher and his techniques taught me how to do deep tissue work while still looking after my own self-care. I have had many wonderful people cross my path in this journey of massage therapy, but Howard will always be the one that I think of as a large influence on my career.”

Ariana Vincent, LMT, MTI

“I participated in a massage therapy training program in 1999 where I studied with the most incredible marketing teacher, Irene Watson. She and I connected deeply and stayed friends after I graduated from the program. A few years later when she decided to retire from teaching and retool her career in another direction, she gave me boxes of files filled with her teaching materials. I had been teaching massage for approximately two years, and being gifted with this treasure trove of instructional material was a turning point in deepening and enriching the courses that I offered. I felt encouraged to begin an in–depth exploration of teaching additional modalities. Her affirmation of my teaching abilities was inspiring on many levels.”   

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