Veteran standing
Veteran standing

Sharing the Benefits of Massage Therapy

Sharing the Benefits of Massage Therapy

Readers share how they work with their veteran clients and how they say ‘thank you’ during national military veteran appreciation month in May and throughout the year.

Dainah Craft, CEO Of Indiana Wellness College 

“We offer a discount to any enlisted military personnel or veteran who can show an ID card or dog tags. We also decorate our lobby in red, white, and blue, share stories of our students that happen to be veterans (with their permission and picture) throughout the month of May, and emphasize the role massage therapy can play in coping with post-traumatic stress disorder.”

Michelle MacCubbin, LMT

“I always give free massages out on Veteran’s Day to thank military personnel for their service. I use deep tissue most of the time because veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder are in a constant state of fight or flight. Deep tissue also tends to calm the nervous system, allowing the body to relax and get better sleep.”

Pamela M. Blazek, LMT

“As a veteran, and a massage therapist, my clientele is made up of a good percentage of fellow veterans. My appreciation and thanks go well beyond the month of May. I try to show my appreciation every session I see them throughout the year. Veterans hold a special place in my heart. I come from a family of veterans. In thanks, I have offered additional therapies or extra time on the table at no charge to them when allowed. Other times, it’s simply holding space and meeting them where they’re at during their massage session. Something so simple can mean so very much, never underestimate the random act of kindness given or shared.”

Nadia Perez, CMT

“I use various techniques to adapt to their needs and requests of the day. These vary by mood, like any other client. I customize and tailor each experience to be either soothing, corrective or both. A combination of massage techniques and modalities are incorporated into my sessions. I’ll use Swedish massage to relax and create trust from the body and setting a tone of confidence in my contact. I use trigger point, deep tissue & stretching to address any injury or mobility improvement requests. I find the deeper work opens most of my veteran clients to conversations about where we find any dysfunction or discomfort. Part of the relief they seek from my table are those conversations; I am so grateful.”   

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