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Massage Today Archives -
August, 2014 (Vol. 14, Issue 08)

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Putting the Social Back Into Social Media
By Stephanie Beck
Investigations Force Corinthian to Sell, Close Campuses
By Kathryn Feather, Senior Associate Editor
Legislative Changes Return Authority to Local Agencies
By Kathryn Feather, Senior Associate Editor
Using Massage to Ease Traumatic Brain Injury Symptoms
Study Finds Massage Therapy Supports Senior Health
By Massage Therapy Foundation Contributor
How To Effectively Work with Wheelchair-Bound Clients
By Sharon Puszko, PhD, LMT
A Look at Compression, Congestion and Dis-Coordination
By Dale G. Alexander, LMT, MA, PhD
Taking Care of Yourself so You Can Take Care of Your Clients
By Stacie Nevelus, LMT, CMCE
Challenges in the Treatment Room Can Bring Self Awareness
By Ann Brown, LMT
Searching for Trigger Points: Tips to Consistently Relieve Pain
By Valerie DeLaune, LAc
Incorporating Energy Techniques into Massage Therapy Sessions
By Marie-Christine Lochot, LMT
Understanding the Beautiful Choreography of Massage
By Caron Lerner
Avoiding Wasted Healing: The Cure for Visibility PTSD
By Sharon Desjarlais, CC and Michele McGrew
The Forgotten Rotator Cuff Muscle, Part 4
By Ben Benjamin, PhD
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