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Massage Today Archives -
March, 2014 (Vol. 14, Issue 03)

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Massage Under the Microscope

The Massage Therapy Foundation uses research to move the profession forward.
By Kathryn Feather, Senior Associate Editor
What's In Your Story?
By Ann Catlin, LMT, NCTMB, OTR
Ending the Energy Debate
By David Lauterstein, RMT
The Tissue Density Grading Scale: A Communication Tool
By Linda LePelley, RN, NMT
Sampling Self-Care Southern California Style
By Mia Miller, LMT
Resolving Hip Flexor & Rotator with Rehabilitation of the Core
Our Important Silent Teachers in the Dissection Lab
By David Kent, LMT, NCTMB
The Mindset of Successful People: Is Your Head in the Right Place?
By Angie Patrick
Educate Yourself: Massaging a Client with ALS
By Sharon Puszko, PhD, LMT
Learning How to Track Anterior Knee Pain
By Whitney Lowe, LMT
Developing a Solid Foundation: Client Retention Techniques
By Daniel Ruscigno
WIBB Exclusive: Are You An Order Taker?
By Irene Diamond, RT
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