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8 Tips to Help Keep You at Your Best

By Massage Today, Editorial Staff
November 8, 2022

8 Tips to Help Keep You at Your Best

By Massage Today, Editorial Staff
November 8, 2022

3 Easy Ways to Boost Your Mood and (Maybe) Increase Your Productivity

1. Tidy a small space.

Getting organized is usually a springtime activity, but managing and sustaining the benefits of that hard work is a year-round endeavor. As the holidays approach, the last thing most people want to do is spend time cleaning.

If you dread organizing those files, cleaning your desk, or getting your massage treatment room cleaned up at the end of the day, try setting a timer for 15 or 30 minutes and spend that time getting one (or two) small tasks done.

The benefit is that knowing you have a finite amount of time set aside for the task can help you focus, and often, you may get even more done than you set out to do. Once done, you may feel more calm and have more time for the things you enjoy.

2. Make a feel-good playlist.

Music can be a really powerful way to work through emotions, improve mood, or just have fun. With all the streaming services available, you can now create as many playlists as you want—from music to get you moving to songs that help you relax to old favorites that take you back in time.

Bonus tip: Make a 30-minute playlist for when you do your timed tidying! Include music that will get your energy up and get you through some of your least favorite tasks.

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3. Do a needs assessment.

Sometimes, we need to slow down and take stock of how we’re feeling and if there are aspects of our life that might benefit from a little extra love. Sit with yourself for 30 minutes and really think about how you’re doing. How did your last week go? Are there things you can do to make next week go better or smoother? How is your sleep schedule? Are you making time for a mid-day meal or snack to keep your energy stable? Are you staying hydrated or do you need to nd a way to drink more water during your day? Taking a little time to sit quietly and check in with yourself can give you needed insight to make small adjustments that can make a big difference.

5 Ways For You to Get Back in the Exercise Game

We’ve all been there: an injury that sidelines us long enough to make getting back in the habit of regular movement difficult. Or, health challenges or chronic conditions make the hour we used to spend at they gym five days a week impossible.

Everybody falters, but getting back to physical self-care—especially in a demanding profession like massage therapy—can help you beat back the winter blues.

Here are five tips to help you take that first step back to regular exercise:

No. 1—Follow A Training Program: Consider following a training program if you're looking to be in top shape for an event. When you map what workouts will look like and have performance goals you want to hit in conditioning, staying on track can be much easier.

No. 2—Start Small. Thinking that you have to go out and run five miles is easy when you’re trying to get back to a fitness routine, especially if you were at one time logging those kinds of miles. But, if you’ve not been exercising regularly for awhile, starting with a 10- or 15-minute walk or stretching regimen every day or every other day will help you be able to endure a more intense workout quicker and with less risk of injury.

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TIP: Short on time? Divide your exercise time into more manageable chunks throughout your day, like a five minute walk when you get up and another after dinner.

No. 3—Don't Exercise in Pain. Especially if you’re training for a future event, taking time o to nurse injuries can feel like you’re putting yourself behind. But pain, especially if it’s sharp and new, can signal an injury is developing. Don’t ignore what your body is telling you.

No. 4—Go Slow. Lacing up your shoes and heading out the door to see if you can nab a personal best or play that extra long pick up game of basketball may be hard to resist. Still, you need to go slow. A good rule of thumb is to never increase your weight, time, speed or intensity more than 10 percent per week.

No. 5—Cross Train. You’re doing a marathon this year and so are sure to put the necessary miles on your sneakers every week. But, marathons are about more than running. To prepare for any event, varying your workouts can help improve performance and protect against injury. Try weight lifting or hiking or biking or take a boot camp class to get the workout you want while also limiting the stress on all the same muscle groups.