pink Himalayan sea salt
pink Himalayan sea salt

Low-Cost, High Luxury

By Ann Brown , LMT

Low-Cost, High Luxury

By Ann Brown, LMT

Luxury is an important aspect to any spa business, but that luxury doesn’t have to come with a big price tag for the business owner. As industry professionals, our job is to balance the services and luxury our clients seek with the right business decisions to boost our bottom line while still providing effective and therapeutic treatments.

In my experience as a spa manager, my favorite products have always been those that offer a healthy return—both for the business and the clients. Salt exfoliations are one example of products that offer incredibly high value for relatively low cost. Not only will your guests feel relaxed and rejuvenated after their treatment, but thanks to the treatment’s popularity and versatility, your business will also feel a positive boost.

Low Cost

Himalayan salt exfoliations are a cost-effective addition to your spa menu because they don’t require any investment beyond the salt itself (which can be purchased in bulk for even greater savings). Salt exfoliations are made using water and your favorite massage oil, which reduces your overall cost to approximately  50 cents per exfoliation.

Another low-cost benefit of salt exfoliations is that they can be done in a dry room. Once the client is exfoliated, scrubbed down and wrapped, the salt will dissipate after about 20 minutes. Therapists can wipe the client dry with nothing more than a warm wet towel or two. No showers are needed, which means you save the cost of both water and time. 

Benefit of Flexibility

Purchasing one product for multiple treatments makes good business sense. In the case of salt exfoliations, the same bulk product can be used for pedicures and manicures, facials, foot and leg exfoliations, body wraps and scrubs—and the flexibility of the product in no way detracts from the luxury of the treatment. Clients will feel the luxury, whether they enjoy a 50-minute salt exfoliation or a quick exfoliation on their neck, chest, hands, and arms during a facial.

Adding Value

Consider places on your spa menu where you can offer salt exfoliation as a valuable add-on to an existing treatment. Again, this is a great way to add luxury and value for your client without much impact to your bottom line.  You can exfoliate feet, legs, and knees during a pedicure, or you can add a salt treatment to a manicure. Also These add-ons cost very little but help your clients feel like the service exceeded their expectations.

Retail Opportunities

Clients are continually seeking ways to implement the spa-like atmosphere in their own homes, and salt exfoliations are a wonderful opportunity for you to help them reach that goal. Nothing can beat an in-spa salt exfoliation and body wrap, but your clients will appreciate the ability to create their own salt scrubs or detoxifying baths in-between treatments. Think about retail opportunities that tap into this market.

Incorporating Himalayan salt exfoliations into your treatment menu is a great—and cost-effective—way to boost your business potential. With one valuable, low-cost investment, these enhancements won’t break the bank, but they will show your clients that you don’t make sacrifices when it comes to luxury.