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National Survey of
Massage Therapy Publications

November 2001

Conducted by

The names used for this survey were selected on an nth name basis from a list of massage therapists purchased from infoUSA specifically for this survey.

On September 7, 2001, every name selected was mailed a two-page questionnaire, a cover letter from Research USA, Inc. asking for their cooperation, a one-dollar incentive, and a stamped return envelope.

A second mailing to non-respondents was made on September 28, 2001. This mailing consisted of a questionnaire, cover letter, and a stamped return envelope.

No indication was given in either mailing to show for whom the survey was being conducted.

By October 31, 2002, 519 completed questionnaires had been returned:

Questionnaires mailed 1,000
  Undelivered 46  
  Incomplete _8 __54
Net effective mailing 946
Completed questionnaires returned 519
Percentage return 54.9%

The tables in this report are based on a computer tabulation of the 519 completed questionnaires that were returned.

Results are projectable within a range of +/- 4.45 (with 95.5 confidence) for most of the tables that follow.


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