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School-Age Children and Massage Therapy

Business Ownership Part 2 ... Contracts
Digital Exclusive
By Debbie Roberts, LMT
It's been established that business ownership isn't for everyone, but for those ready to take the leap—make sure you know what your contracts say.
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How the Human Body Responds to Stress
By Dale G. Alexander, LMT, MA, PhD
A new way to look at stress, from the inside out, this practitioner focuses on how stress effects the anatomy of the visceral organs.
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What It's Like to Be a Hospital-Based Massage Therapist
By Ryan Hoyme, LMT, BCTMB
As integrative care moves forward, more and more massage therapists will have the opportunity to work within hospital systems—an MT shares his experience.
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Multiarticulate Muscles & Injury
By Whitney Lowe, LMT
Having an understanding of the muscles' mechanical load is a good way to increase your assessment skills, and treatment strategies.
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Helping Your Clients Turn Back the Clock With Nutrition
Digital Exclusive
By Todd Singleton, DC
While slowing down time isn't possible, slowing down the visible signs of aging is linked to good nutrition. Advice you can share with your clients.
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Trust the Trends, Or Trust Your Instincts?
By Ann Brown, LMT
Keys to help you evaluate whether or not you should jump on the bandwagon with the latest trends, or just let them ride off into the sunset.
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CranioSacral Therapy & The Rare Case of Vertigo
By Gloria J. Garrett, LMT
With an invested interest in her client, she pulled out all the stops and stunned the doctors with his record-breaking recovery time.
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Treatment for a Morton's Neuroma
This Ironman competitor was in a panic after a painful Morton's neuroma halted her training ... how structural rehab saved her event, and improved time.
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The Final Chapter of the Hip Replacement
By Ralph Stephens, BS, LMT, NCBTMB
A continuation of the postoperative story, with a comprehensive look at the surgery. Plus, this time he's sharing all his secrets to recovery.
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Learn to Speak the Language of Personal Injury
Digital Exclusive
By S. Scott Tauber, DC, DABCO, CPC
Two birds, one stone ... how learning about personal injury can increase the number of people you help, and add profit to your business.
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