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Massage Today Archives -
October, 2013 (Vol. 13, Issue 10)

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Business Basics: Products That Sell Themselves
By Angie Patrick
Training Myths and Young Athletes
By Debbie Roberts, LMT
Building Your Authority and Credibility
By Stephanie Beck
The Theory of Orthopedic Massage, Part 2
By Ben Benjamin, PhD
A Career Move to a Resort Spa: Is It Right for You?
By Ann Brown, LMT
Searching for Simple Rules in Massage and Cancer Care
By Tracy Walton, LMT, MS
Understanding Core Distortion: Unlocking Your Potential
Nutritional and Supplement Needs Differ with Gender and Age
By Tina Beaudoin, ND
Qualitative Research Furthers the Study of Massage Therapy
By Massage Therapy Foundation Contributor
Do You Know When It's Not a Good Idea to Get a Massage?
By Tracy Litsey
Find Success in Mastering the Art of Divine Right Timing
By Sharon Desjarlais, CC and Michele McGrew
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