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Massage Today Archives -
November, 2009 (Vol. 9, Issue 11)

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Practice Building: Taking Your Massage Practice to the Next Level
By David Kent, LMT, NCTMB
AMTA Board of Directors Disbands Council of Schools
By Christie Bondurant
World Massage Conference, Nov. 12-17
By Editorial Staff
A Few Shameless Self-Promoting Tips to Build Your Practice
By Angie Patrick
Clients Who Are Reluctant to See a Physician
By Ben Benjamin, PhD
Manageable Fitness Solutions
By Sharon Puszko, PhD, LMT
Fixing Achy Hips
By Erik Dalton, PhD
AMTA Convention: Largest Attendance Ever
By Editorial Staff
Farewell: Keep Sharing the Love
By John Upledger, DO, OMM
Tips From the Field: Creating a Supply Kit
By Ann Catlin, LMT, NCTMB, OTR
An Alternative Approach to Stretching
By Whitney Lowe, LMT
Essential Oils for Pain Relief, Part 2
By Shellie Enteen, RA, BA, LMBT
Active Isolated Stretching: Empowerment through Flexibility
By Marjorie Brook, LMT, CIMI
The Silent Progression of Kidney Infections and Stone Formation
By Dale G. Alexander, LMT, MA, PhD
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