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Massage Today Archives -
October, 2006 (Vol. 06, Issue 10)

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Massage and Parkinson’s Disease: A Few Lessons Learned
By John Slavin, PhD, LMT
A Prescription for Disaster
Study: MDs Often Prescribe Drugs for Unproven, Unapproved Uses
By Michael Devitt
Study Finds Limited Risk From Making Massage a Covered Insurance Benefit
“The number of people using covered CAM insurance benefits was substantial; the effect on insurance expenditures was modest.”
By Kathryn Feather, Senior Associate Editor
Recognizing Osteoarthritis
By Whitney Lowe, LMT
High Tech/High Touch Can Mean Much Growth for LMTs
By Cary Bayer
We Get Letters and E-mail
By Editorial Staff
Chronic Pain and CranioSacral Therapy, Part 1
By Tad Wanveer, LMT, CST-D; guest author for John Upledger, DO, OMM
Pain on Passive Motions of the Elbow
By Ben Benjamin, PhD
The Present Meaning of Life
By Dale G. Alexander, LMT, MA, PhD and Lansing Barrett Gresham
“Touching the Massage Today reader one letter at a time.”
By Lynda Solien-Wolfe, LMT
Show Me the Evidence
By Keith Eric Grant, PhD, NCTMB
Boundary Choices
By Cliff Korn, BS, LMT, NCTMB
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