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Massage Today Archives -
March, 2006 (Vol. 06, Issue 03)

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A Dropped Arch
By Ben Benjamin, PhD
Education – Where Does Advanced Begin?
By Ralph Stephens, BS, LMT, NCBTMB
Essential Oils for Fibromyalgia
By Shellie Enteen, RA, BA, LMBT
Why Your Clients Leave You
By Colleen (Steigerwald) Holloway, LMT
The Umbrella
By Cliff Korn, BS, LMT, NCTMB
Spondylolisthesis: An Elusive Cause of Low Back Pain
By Whitney Lowe, LMT
Massage Effective in Treating Common Ailments
By Julie Engebretson
Massage Therapy: A Profession on the Rise
By Michael Devitt
Sports Massage in the Spa Setting
By Michael McGillicuddy, LMT, NCTMB
Retailing Products to Your Clients – Getting Started
By Steve Keller
The Truth About Pitocin
By Elaine Stillerman, LMT
Supporting the Troops
By Kathryn Feather, Senior Associate Editor
Understanding the Contraindications
By John Upledger, DO, OMM
Success With the IRS
By Dixie Wall, Contributing Editor
We Get Letters and E-mail
By Editorial Staff
Celiac Disease, Part 1: What Is Going On Here?
By Ruth Werner, LMP, NCTMB
"Touching the Massage Today reader one letter at a time."
By Lynda Solien-Wolfe, LMT
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