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Integrated Bodywork

By Leon Chaitow, ND, DO

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Dr. Leon Chaitow was born in South Africa and then moved to London, where he trained in osteopathy and naturopathy. In 1992, he joined the team that developed the courses and modules that became the nucleus of the curriculum of The School for Integrated Health, University of Westminster, where for 10 years (until 2003) he was a senior lecturer in therapeutic bodywork (including neuromuscular techniques) and naturopathy.

Having retired from the university, and now an Honorary Fellow, Dr. Chaitow is active teaching in America, Australia and Europe. He has written more than 75 books on such topics as manual methods of treatment, breathing rehabilitation and chronic pain conditions. He is currently part writing and coediting two major textbooks for Elsevier: 'Physical Medicine Approaches to Chronic Pelvic Pain' and 'Manual Therapies and Fascia'. Dr. Chaitow can be reached at

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