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March, 2011, Vol. 11, Issue 03 >> Billing / Insurance / Records

Completing Your Business-Building Package

By Vivian Madison-Mahoney, LMT

Readers, as you know my articles have all been related to insurance billing and reimbursement issues, which I will continue to write. However, today’s article is just a bit different from the norm.

At my insurance seminars, therapists are always asking me how to build a business. Yes, accepting insurance cases is a great highway to increase your clientele and income, building your business to unheard of levels that otherwise may have not been possible.

However, obviously, building a successful business is not just about accepting insurance, just as it is not only about working with gift certificates, promo massages, referrals, etc. It is a calculated combination of these and many other factors that complete your business-building package and make you stand-out from the rest.

So what do I say to the therapists who ask me how to build a business? I always tell them: “Build a reputation, and your business builds itself.” Building your reputation is all about consistency. I’m going to share with you some key pointers that took my own massage business from below zero to the top. You can do it too!!

Top 10 Business-Building Tips

  1. No recordings please. During business hours, either answer the phones yourself or have a live person answer them for you.
  2. Be clean. Make sure your supplies and equipment as well as entryways, floors and bathrooms are spotless.
  3. Customer service. Be diplomatic when dealing with others; make them happy that they spoke to you.
  4. More customer service. Be willing to say you’re sorry and find an immediate solution even if it was not your fault.
  5. Know where your marketing dollars are going. Always ask how they heard of you (yellow pages, newspaper ads, etc.) and why they chose you over others in the  community.
  6. Speak up. Communicate wherever you go about what you do, and don’t be afraid to ask for the appointment.
  7. Insurance. Take insurance for payment as it offers vast possibilities of increased income.
  8. Get out of your comfort zone. Be willing to accept a challenge and go the extra mile or do what you are not used to doing.
  9. Determination. When it comes to business opportunities, never take no for an answer and leave no stone unturned.
  10. Education and training. Be willing to take the time and make the investment in training to increase your knowledge for whatever you wish to succeed in. Sometimes things seem unreachable and impossible, but a little training opens doors that would otherwise have remained shut. Riches can lie beyond those presently closed doors.

This is a new year with brand new opportunities; take your business to the top! I wish the absolute best for each of you as you learn and grow in your career. 

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