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April, 2011, Vol. 11, Issue 04 >> Philosophy

Medical Intuitive Offers Advice for Therapists

Discussion With Eva Herr

By Rita Woods, LMT

Eva Herr is a medical intuitive. She is the author of Agape, The Intent of the Soul, columnist for Dannion Brinkley's magazine Kinetics, has an Internet radio talk show and she speaks and teaches on the many levels of consciousness.

Medical intuition has grown rapidly in the last few years and many believe that it will play an important role in the future of medicine. She agreed to share some of her insights with Massage Today readers.

While there are many areas within Eva's expertise and experience that I feel would be appropriate to share with you in this article, I have chosen self-care for the massage therapist. Self-care is an important issue for everyone, but particularly for massage therapists as we are often viewed as models for complementary medicine.

Our health matters in a couple of very important ways. First, clients want a massage therapist who looks and feels happy and healthy. And secondly, many therapists are self-employed and their livelihood depends on staying healthy so they can continue to work. Being self-employed also means that many therapists do not have health insurance and that makes self-care even more important.

Eva Herr - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Eva suggests that you begin by monitoring your emotional and your physical well-being. "Pay attention." That's her strongest advice. Catch things while they are small and seemingly insignificant. It may appear as a feeling or twinge but that is the time to pay attention and take action. "Many times an issue could have been brewing for up to 10 years (on an energetic and cellular level) before it physically manifested," said Herr.

"Science now knows that your abdomen, your gut, is lined with neurons. These are nerve cells. There are more nerve cells in your gut than there are in your brain. You experience an emotion in the brain first but within nanoseconds that experience goes to your gut. When you are experiencing a negative emotion you get a heightened sense in your gut, much like when you get pulled over by the police. As soon as you see those blue lights you get that sick feeling. That's the neurons firing. Those neurons send an impulse through your autonomic nervous system. It's like Morris Code. Your brain interprets those signals. It interprets the length of the signal and the space in between and the voltage of the signal. By voltage, I mean how much emotion is pushing that signal through your body.

"Each signal for every chemical in your body is different. Your brain will in-turn release some neurotransmitter or chemical or hormone that is based on the signal it interprets. When you have the same emotion over and over and over in your life, your body will continue to produce and excrete that chemistry. It's almost always about some derivative of love or some derivative of hate. How much is it? It's constantly targeting the same organs with that chemistry over and over again. When it's negative, you get sick. Emotions are real, with real and tangible consequences within the body."

This is how our emotional state can affect our health. It can be positive or negative thus creating a balanced life or one with disease.

When it comes to the physical body it's important to know how your body works. Knowing how each organ system works, and how they affect other systems is very important. Know the early warning signs and notice changes in your body. Clearly if you have a family history of diabetes and you begin to feel tired, notice that you are thirsty more often, you would want to pay attention and take action as these are the early warning signs of diabetes. Study, research and know how things works. Eva uses the example of your body being like a car. If you notice one day that your brakes don't feel quite right – pay attention. Next you may notice that the brake pedal is becoming less responsive. It's time to do something about it before you have to replace the rotors and not just your brake pads! That's the difference between attention with action and disease.

"Early supplementation with vitamins, minerals and amino acids can keep you healthy and help to offset some future health problems," said Herr. She recommends plant-based vitamins and to do your research on those products. For instance, if you have high blood pressure stay away from vitamins with claims to energize you. They probably contain some sort of stimulant. Even though it may be natural, you would want to avoid that. "Pay attention. Research. And take action when you first notice a symptom. If you wait until it's a big issue – you may be too late," she cautioned.

You must learn to tell the difference between your conditioned judgmental mind and your higher mind. You must learn to "actively discern information". How do you do that? Eva says when you have a thought in your conscious mind it runs horizontally across your forehead. For instance, when you make a grocery list, recall a conversation, make plans for tomorrow, you feel it in your forehead. However, if you receive information from the Universal Consciousness, or God, or whatever you want to call it, you feel it drop into the top and center of your head. You must first clear all the mind chatter. That may take some practice but once your able to acutely discern information, it becomes easier and clearer each time you do it.

When asked about specific massage-related subjects, Eva says that soft tissue problems often stem from lack of emotional support. Muscle pain, joint problems, backaches, etc need massage but they also need emotional support. The lack of emotional support manifests physically by the lack of physical support. If you find yourself with rounded shoulders and pulling forward, it could be the weight of the world on your shoulders and you need to address that issue immediately. Get with like-minded people. Spend quality time with people who support your vision, beliefs and way of life. This holds you together emotionally and physically. It's building and supporting a solid framework!

Eva has many articles (located at that are great reads for massage therapists. Her focus is what people can do at home to build and maintain a healthy life. She also interviews some of the most brilliant minds of today on her radio show "The Infinite Consciousness" (Sunday nights, BBS Radio).

I'll be tuning in.

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