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June, 2010, Vol. 10, Issue 06 >> Philosophy

The Healing Path: The Transformative Mind

By Rita Woods, LMT

Editor's note: This column contains the the views of the author, and should not be considered as advice advocating that you present yourself to the public as a "healer," a term that has legal consequences in some localities.

In my last article, I shared with you some scientific experiments that support the existence of an energy field that exists throughout all of the known universe. A web, if you will, that connects all things together. Furthermore, it has been documented that we have the ability to interact with this field of energy through our thoughts and emotions. In fact, we interact through this field of energy whether we are aware of it or not. In this article, I will share some insights from pioneers in the field of transformative thinking about how changing your mind changes your life. I'm literally talking about brain waves. Everything that we do, think or feel elicits a specific brainwave pattern. On the flip side of this, a dominant brainwave pattern will also elicit certain thoughts and feelings. The ultimate goal is to develop self-mastery over these patterns so that you may choose rather than react.

Your ability to access your subconscious mind, your ability to use your intuition, your ability to turn off mental chatter in your mind, your ability to problem solve and make better decisions, all of these are determined by your brainwave patterns. Through the modern marriage of science and spirituality we are able to see that shifts in our brain bring about changes in thought and attitude which help shift our emotional well-being. Through our thoughts, attitudes and emotions, we send and receive information through the universal web of energy. This is the true nature of how we interact with each other including our clients.

Roch path - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark There are four categories of brainwave frequencies: beta, alpha, theta, and delta. The combination of these categories determines your state of consciousness at any point in time. Masters and other highly spiritual individuals have developed a particular combination of these frequencies that allows them to experience a fluid awareness between the conscious, subconscious, and the unconscious mind. This combination of brainwave frequencies can be learned. The first step is to become familiar with what each brainwave frequency does.

Beta is responsible for our conscious thought process. If it is over-active, beta is like the neighborhood gossip. She chatters all the time never giving you a moments peace, keeping you awake at night, making you anxious and worrisome. If she's on her best behavior, she keeps your lists and priorities in line, is attentive, clear and creative. She gets things done. Beta is associated with problem-solving and higher cognitive processing. However, spending too much time with high-frequency beta without the support of the lower frequencies can leave you distracted, anxious, and unfocused. Beta is superficial without the rest of the team. She is a thinking, processing mechanism that must be supplied content from alpha and theta. It's interesting to note that muscle activity reduces beta.

Alpha is more relaxed and detached. He lays back and takes it all in. He daydreams, forms your visualizations, he is your relaxed awareness of the world and gateway to meditation or fantasy. You may be caught with your eyes closed when alpha is present. He may take you on a creative journey or provide you with sparks of imagination. Alpha is receptive. Things don't have to make sense to alpha. He can follow one path then switch to another for no apparent reason. Alpha's primary purpose is to be your bridge between the conscious and subconscious mind. Without alpha, you would not remember your dreams or your meditations even though they may have been vivid and insightful.

Theta can be thought of as your subconscious mind. Theta holds memories, sensations and emotions. Theta functions between the conscious and the unconscious mind and holds profound potential. But without alpha it can't get to the conscious mind. And without beta the potential goes unrealized. You know theta is active when you feel there is something pushing at you from within, some kind of knowledge or information that wants to come forward but is locked away deep in your mind. Sometimes it feels so close that it's on the tip of your tongue. It may feel as if you are on the verge of a tremendous spiritual awakening or a great creative insight. Theta can also be a source of suppressed inspiration or a cavern of garbage. It holds your stuff. In the right combination, with the other frequencies, theta produces the ah-ha moment. At that moment, flashes of the color blue may be seen giving rise to the saying: It came out of the clear blue. It is through theta that you make your strongest spiritual connection and when healing is most likely to enter your being. It is the prominent pattern in meditation and dreaming.

Deep delta relates to your unconsciousness mind and has been connected to the collective unconscious. Delta can provide a more universal unconscious insight that is more expansive than the personal or individual insight that comes from theta. This expanded perception and understanding that results from delta frequencies is often used as a kind of personal radar that provides deep levels of psychic awareness by sending and receiving intuitive information. Delta frequencies are still present even when the other frequencies have turned off during sleep. Delta gives you deep restorative rest. People in a helping profession often have delta active during waking states to reach into and understand someone's mental or emotional being. Delta is also associated with empathy.

All of these brainwave categories beta, alpha, theta and delta are the building blocks of your consciousness. They operate together as a team to determine and create your state of consciousness at any point in time. None is more important than the others. Creativity, intuition, self-healing and spiritual awakening and connection to a higher state of consciousness is waiting for you. This can be learned through specific meditations and activities. We use such a very small percentage of our brain, think of the possibilities awaiting you.

Follow the path of compassion, service, clarity, tranquility and love. Only through the mastery of self will we find that path.

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