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April, 2010, Vol. 10, Issue 04 >> Philosophy

The Path of a Healer, Part 1

By Rita Woods, LMT

Editor's note: The contents of this column are the views of the author, and should not be considered as medical advice.  

I'm calling this series of articles "The Path of a Healer" because it is just that; a path to follow to get somewhere. I received a call one day from a therapist and, during our conversation, she said, "I didn't go to massage school to be a healer, per se, but it looks like that's what I'm doing." Many therapists are healers or want to be healers, but going to massage school doesn't make anyone a healer. So what is a healer?

To me, a healer goes beyond the tangible. They seem to be a part of something bigger, something cosmic in nature, connected to a mass consciousness and are universal in their interactions with others. They seem to understand there is more than meets the eye and have found their own special way to interact with and use that source of energy.

My sister attends Mass with Father Joe, known for being the "Healing Priest" and many report astounding healings from him. Shamans, monks, yogis, doctors, spiritual healers, ministers, witch doctors and regular people all over the world are healers. But what is it that's sets them apart from a regular practitioner in their field? The healers I know are compassionate, caring, loving and appreciative in nature and they often are dedicated to a practice or discipline. I think they know, either consciously or unconsciously, that there is a cosmic matrix that connects all matter and within this field of energy is where miracles happen. So, in this article, we will look at the "Divine Matrix,"  as Gregg Braden calls it, and look at the possibility that all things are connected in a very real way.

The new physics has provided us with ample research to turn our belief system about our world upside down and inside out. It doesn't take a lot of effort these days to find legitimate scientific proof of bi-locating photons, parallel universes, the superstring theory and such. Just watch the science channel. But what I want to focus on today are experiments that support the theory of our ability to not only interact with the world around us, but to influence it and actually change it. This is an important concept to accept because without that knowing, you are limiting your ability as a healer. You receive as you believe. So, let's look at one interesting study and just know that there are many more supporting similar findings.

The U.S. Army decided to conduct a study dealing with emotions and the immune system. They wanted to know what kind of effect the emotions have on the immune system. For the sake of space and time I'm going to paraphrase this, but you can read about it in Braden's book or by doing a Web search. The Army hired Dr. Cleve Backster to conduct this ongoing project. Prior to this Army experiment, Dr. Backster's research had been discussed in a book in the 1970s called "The Secret Life of Plants." (As an interesting side note, the chlorophyll molecule in a plant is similar to the hemoglobin molecule in a person. This gives science a method of measurement for evaluating the benefits of a "healing" on the plant.)

In his earlier work, Dr. Backster had devised some equipment to evaluate the reactions of plants to various stimuli. After "hooking up" a plant, he decided to eat lunch before continuing. He had brought a sandwich from home and was preparing to eat it at his desk in the lab when a spider walked across his desk. His first thought was to kill it, but before he even moved his hand, the equipment to which the plant was hooked up went wild. The plant sensed the oncoming action (smacking the spider) and responded to that energy shift. Everything is connected. There is nothing that is not connected to everything else. This pioneering work on how human actions affect plants was what led the Army to design this new experiment.

The Army took samples of DNA from volunteers and, using sophisticated equipment, attached sensors to the DNA that was capable of recording changes. The volunteer was then exposed to a variety of intense emotional stimuli through pictures and video. As soon as the volunteer experienced a peak or dip in emotion, their DNA (which was in a container in the room) demonstrated a powerful electrical response at the same time. They then moved the DNA sample to another floor in the building, repeated the experiment and got the exact same response. Think about this; in order for this to happen, there has to be some sort of medium through which this information is exchanged. Dr. Backster continued this work and moved the DNA to another city more than 350 miles away and still got the same results. It's also interesting to note that there was no lapse in time between the emotion and the DNA reaction. Whatever this field is, it is not regulated by time and space. To see our potential in working with this "source," it's important that we recognize we are a part of the world and not separate from it. The most important thing to me in this experiment is the suggestion that human emotions affect living DNA.

Human emotions are said to be the catalyst of creation. Your feelings are your personal GPS system as to whether you are making the right choice. It is the power and passion you feel that drives you to excel and achieve great things. It's the unquenchable desire to learn that pushes us to new discoveries. Emotions are neuropeptides stored in the tissue, according to Dr. Candace Pert, and their impact on the brain is astounding. It is believed that many healers demonstrate specific brain activity that the general population does not exhibit. Dr. Dolores Kreiger, the developer of Therapeutic Touch, recognized a specific brain pattern that must be present for a client to have a "successful" healing session.

Brain patterns and activity as they relate to healing will be our next article. Did you know that happy people have a well developed left frontal lobe? Or that London taxi drivers (because of the many curvy streets in that city) have an overdeveloped section of the brain that deals with spacial relationships? You can train your brain. You can change your thinking. And when you do, your world will change as well. The final article in the series will be a "how to" guide with exercises and disciplines that can help change your body's chemistry and your brains activity to put you on "The Path of a Healer."

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