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September, 2012, Vol. 12, Issue 09

WIBB Exclusive: Why "Voice" Matters to Facebook Pages

By Stephanie Beck

With all the changes on Facebook and the recent changes on Google, it is now more important than ever to have engaged Fans on Facebook. The more fans liking, commenting and sharing, the higher your page will appear in your Fans newsfeeds and the more likely your posts will show up in the Search Engines.

Before the change, whenever you posted on the page as an administrator, it would show up as the page name only. You can now change the "voice" of your post so you can post on a page as you. I will demonstrate how you do this and share why this is beneficial to your page.

As page administrator when you are on that page, there is a new term between "Home" and "Your Name" called "Voice." You will also notice an additional tool bar at the top that signifies how you are posting, commenting and liking on the page. You change your "voice" on a page by clicking on the section that starts with "change to..." You can change back to post as the page by simply clicking on this same section again.

Sometimes you have multiple administrators on a page. Prior to this new upgrade, it wasn't always clear who was posting, liking and commenting because all comments from administrators show as the page name. One way some companies and organizations use to denote which administrator is making the post is for the administrator to put their name or initial after a post was made.

Why does this matter to you?

For example, I am one of the administrators for the Alliance for Massage Therapy Education and although I serve as the Marketing Director for the Alliance For Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE), I don't always want to be commenting, liking, and posting as AFMTE. This now allows me to have a voice independent of AFMTE on the page. Whether you are a non-profit organization or business, your administrators now have a way to be interactive independently on your page.

Also in this AFMTE example, I have many friends on my personal profile that are also massage therapists, school owners and educators. Because they are my friends, when I post, like and comment as myself, it shows up in their newsfeed. Now that I can post as myself on the AFMTE page, all my friends, and more importantly, those who are not fans of AFMTE will see that I am liking, commenting, and posting on the AFMTE page. The reason reaching nonfans is so important is that being able to comment as Stephanie Beck, my personal friends now see a page that they should have a shared interest in. This enables me to increase the social reach for the AFMTE page by posting as Stephanie Beck on the AFMTE page.

Therefore, if you are administrator for a page, I encourage you to change your "voice" and like, comment and share as yourself when you post on the page.

And for those of you who have already figured it out, yes, you will be "talking to yourself" if you are the administrator of a page and commenting as yourself. I do remember someone catching me one time talking to myself in public. I sheepishly made the excuse I was talking to myself and not crazy. They jokingly remarked "well as long as you are not answering yourself I think you are safe". Oh dear... I think I might be in trouble now. Oh well, at least I will always be in good company, right?

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