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October, 2010, Vol. 10, Issue 10

Four Essential Steps to a Client-Rich Prosperous Practice

By Sharon Desjarlais, CC

Ivonne felt like Calgary's best-kept secret when she first called me for advice. A wise and witty CranioSacral Therapist with years of training and experience, she'd been holding herself back, struggling to find her voice so she could attract more clients with ease and sincerity. "It's crazy," she said. "I believe in what I do, but I still have a hard time telling people about it."

I agreed. It is crazy.

This may sound scandalous, but as far as I'm concerned, when you're doing something that good for the world and you love it, marketing is a moral obligation, not just a good business practice. Fortunately there are simple ways to align your communications with your integrity so you can step out of the shadow of fear and doubt to attract more clients in an authentic way. Like Ivonne, you can grow a client-rich prosperous practice and follow these four essential steps:

Step 1: Uncover the Spiritual Foundation of Your Practice

Your practice has its own distinct purpose to serve, and it's even more than just making people feel better. When you dig deep to reveal the spiritual foundation of your practice, you open up a stream of energy that inspires you to connect with people in remarkable ways.

steps - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Ivonne discovered that she carries the energy of two dynamic archetypes in her practice: the Alchemist who's devoted to complete transformation, and the Explorer who pioneers the discovery of our truth. By tapping the magnetic power of those archetypes, she's creating a business identity that lights her up from within and makes it more of a thrill to share her message of health and hope.

Step 2: Craft a Compelling Marketing Message

Do you ever feel like you leave your body when someone asks, "What do you do?" That's a common condition for therapists like Ivonne who practice light-touch therapies that are hard to explain. Here's a quick tip that'll take some pressure off: No one really wants to know what you do. They want to know what you can do for them. When you craft a marketing message that speaks to the needs and desires of your ideal prospects, they can see themselves in your message. And self-select themselves as your clients.

Now Ivonne's marketing message clearly identifies the symptoms and conditions her ideal clients are struggling with. It shows them what their lives can look like on the other side of their stress and pain.

Step 3: Design a Systematic Communications Protocol

Like any relationship, the one you have with your clients goes through several stages before they find their way to your treatment table. When you weave your marketing message into complementary materials that lead people step-by-step to your door, the process becomes much easier and more enjoyable for you.

Ivonne decided to connect with potential clients through high-tech, high-touch methods that draw on her natural strengths. She now has a warm, inviting Web site at that offers visitors a complimentary gift. She shares transformational stories in a newsletter that establishes her as a therapeutic guide. She also gives short phone sessions to erase any last doubts before someone books a session.

When you're designing your own communications protocol, remember that each piece should only lead your potential clients to the next step. Your business cards and brochures should get people to your Web site. Your Web site should get visitors on a list where you can treat them to valuable information each month. Your monthly communications should share your wisdom, compassion and expertise. That way, by the time you have someone on the phone, they already know you're the right therapist for them. Then they're on their way to your table.

Step 4: Open Your Arms Wide to Receive

Let's face it, having more clients doesn't always mean having more money. When you're subconsciously programmed to receive only so much, you'll find clever ways to turn money away or lose it as fast as you gain.

Through a series of conversations together, Ivonne found out where her internal money speedometer was set. In one amusing moment she blurted out, "I can't believe how badly I've been treating money. If I was money, I wouldn't want to be in a relationship with me!"

By recognizing her patterns and making the decision to shift them, she's opening her prosperity channels. And learning how to charge what she's worth and get it. Today Ivonne is a far more confident communicator than she was when we first spoke. She's writing, she's speaking, she's even singing. She found her voice, and each week she's attracting new clients who are fortunate beneficiaries of her transformation.

Click here for more information about Sharon Desjarlais, CC.


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