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May 18, 2010

Massage Therapists Voices Heard, CA Bill Suspended

Appropriations Committee Delays Action on AB 1822

By Christie Bondurant

Swarms of politicians made their way to the California Capitol building Wednesday morning (May 19) for a much-anticipated hearing set to discuss the fate of Assembly Bill 1822 and the California massage therapists that it directly affects.

And in a move that shows the strong effects of the massage community's pushback, the California Assembly Appropriations Committee suspended the anti-prostitution bill until next week after amendments have been made.

Editor's note: While the suspension of any bill is common practice, talks of these new amendments is a major step in the right direction. These amendments (that have yet to be publicized) come after recent discussions between leaders in the massage community and proponents of the bill.

According to the Assembly Appropriations Committee's recent analysis of the bill, they have heard what massage therapists are concerned about. The following is from the Committee's analysis listed under Concerns:

"Opponents are uniformly concerned about the rhetoric of the supporters of this bill regarding human trafficking. Opponents indicate none of the grassroots engaged in fighting human trafficking are in support of this bill. In addition, opponents are concerned that the shift of oversight to law enforcement presumes criminality and authorizes unprecedented additional investigation into local arrest records."

For the complete bill analysis, go to:

Amendments to the bill are expected to be publicized within a week.

Keep Raising Your Voices

It is important to mention that leaders in the massage community are still opposed to the bill as it stands now. Your letters of opposition are still encouraged.

Massage Today has created a "Vote NO on AB 1822" e-mail form that will be sent to all members of the California Assembly Appropriations Committee as well as the bill's author. If you have not sent in your email, go to: .

If the bill passes the Assembly Appropriations Committee it will have to pass both houses of the legislature and must be signed by the governor before becoming law.

Massage Today will continue to follow this story providing updates as available. For other stories on this issue, search "AB 1822" on


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