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May, 2007, Vol. 07, Issue 05

You’ve Got E-Mail

By Colleen (Steigerwald) Holloway, LMT

Traditionally, if you ask a massage therapist about the best way to market themselves, they will tell you, "by word of mouth." After all, the concept is an easy one. A satisfied client leaves your business and tells others how wonderful you and your services are.

It's a simple, no-cost way to market your business.

So, why doesn't word-of-mouth marketing sufficiently grow your business? Because satisfied clients will only tell others about you if it comes up in conversation. It's highly unlikely that satisfied clients will leave your business and promptly call 10 of their closest friends to rave about you. That scenario only happens when they are dissatisfied with your services and they want to vent!

Woman working at computer. - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark A more effective method of marketing your business without incurring a cost is with e-mail campaigns. It's the new, trendy way to contact your target market. Most people are on the computer at least once per day, and some are on it all day long. Steady reminders of you and your business keep you fresh in the client's mind. It's the easiest way to fill your appointment book.

All you need is your own e-mail address and permission from your clients to send them periodic e-mails. Here's how it works:

  • Create an opt-in mailing list.
  • Ask your existing clients if they want to be notified of last-minute appointments that are available, as well as special offers.
  • Collect e-mail addresses from your new clients by adding a space for e-mail addresses on your health intake form, along with a space to "check" to opt-in to your mailing list.
  • Next, group all of the e-mail addresses to your address book in your e-mail account, so they will be easily accessible.
  • You also have the option to sign up with an e-mail service to manage your list for you. Two well-known companies that provide this service are and They both offer free trials.
  • Send an e-mail campaign.

When you are having a slow week, send out an e-mail campaign with a maximum of four to five available appointments. Be sure to include an incentive for scheduling, such as an additional 15 minutes of massage for free or a $10 discount for being the first to schedule the appointment. This call-to-action offer is essential for getting your telephone to ring.

This works particularly well for those clients who cannot commit to an appointment due to a fluctuating schedule. It also serves as a reminder to those clients who have not been in for a while. Additionally, you can add a brief message below the appointment openings announcing special offers, changes in your business and/or a reminder to purchase gift certificates. If you have a Web site, add a link directing your viewers right to it.

There are two musts whenever sending an e-mail campaign:

  1. It's very important that you send the e-mail from your e-mail address and also to your e-mail address, placing your clients' e-mail addresses in the blind carbon copy (BCC) space, not the CC space. Using the BCC will ensure your clients' privacy by keeping their e-mail addresses hidden from all others receiving the same e-mail.
  2. At the bottom of every e-mail campaign, add the following statement: We respect your privacy; therefore, we never share or sell e-mail addresses. If you would like to be removed from this service, simply reply to this e-mail.

Word-of-mouth marketing always will be an easy, cost-free way to market your business. So, I urge you to continue asking your clients to make referrals to you, and rewarding them for doing so. However, if you want an easier method of marketing your business that produces instant results, try e-mail campaigns.

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