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April, 2003, Vol. 03, Issue 04

Cell Talk

By John Upledger, DO, OMM

We've been talking about the use of dialogue in patient therapy for years. When you think about it, dialoguing with patients is not much different than talking to organs, which I've been doing for quite some time.

And talking to organs, well, that's just a step away from talking to cells.

Consider Kayla, who is 16 years old. She's extremely bright and talented. I first met her while she was still inside her mother's womb. I had been treating her mother for injuries suffered in a car accident while she was pregnant with Kayla. After she was born, I treated Kayla periodically for one thing or another, but usually, I would treat her mother while Kayla sat in the room.

One Sunday morning, I got a call from Kayla's mother. "John, can you help me?" she asked. Kayla had taken sick two months earlier. She had gone first to her primary care physician, then to an infectious-disease specialist who put her on approximately eight different courses of antibiotics. None of them worked. He sent her to a rheumatologist, who thought she had some sort of autoimmune disease, but he wasn't sure. Finally, Kayla and her mom made an appointment to go to the Mayo Clinic to see what they thought. The appointment was scheduled for after she called me. I said, "Okay. Bring her over. I'll see what I can find."

Kayla was 13 or 14 years old at the time of this particular visit. She lay down on the treatment table, and I put my hands on her feet. I immediately sensed a virus in there somewhere. I "arced" (a light-touch technique used to perceive subtle energy changes) all the way up, and picked up chaotic energy or entropy in her knees, left pelvis, left bronchus (just off the side of the sternum), and the posterior aspect of her head - inside her cranium. All of those places seemed to me to have a disorganized energy that I would call an inflammatory process. I said, "I think you have a virus."

I worked hard to clear those "stuck" places. I'm calling them "stuck" because, for me, the energy couldn't get through. The areas were inflamed, and swollen, and there was a certain amount of what I call "fluidic stasis." It took me an hour and a half, but I finally got all of those places opened up, and she told me she felt pretty good. Then I gave her a regular spinal manipulation treatment to loosen everything that had been caught up by all of the discomfort she was having. Her mom called the next morning and said Kayla was "great."

The following Wednesday, she went to the Mayo Clinic as scheduled. They did some blood tests, and mom called me on Friday.

She said, "You were right. She has a cytomegalovirus."

"What did Mayo tell you to do?" I asked.

"She has to go to bed and rest until the virus burns itself out."

"How is she doing?"

"She did really well until Thursday, but then it started coming back. It's not as bad as it was."

I said, "Bring her over."

Over the next few sessions, I worked through the blocks again. Then I began to get the idea that the viruses create stasis so immune cells can't get in to get rid of them. They also hide inside normal cells, and they're hard to pick out. A virus in a normal cell will put out 10 or 12 abnormal markers on the cell surface. A normal cell has about 10,000 protein markers on its surface, so you've got to be pretty alert to pick out 10 abnormal markers amid 10,000 normal markers in an immune cell.

I helped Kayla's body break down all those blocked areas. I don't remember if it was the second or third time I saw her, but it struck me that if I could talk to organs, why couldn't I talk to immune cells? I put my hand or her thymus (a gland in the upper chest and lower throat that's responsible for directing and producing immune cells) and said, "Thymus, will you talk with me?"

I said to Kayla, "Just let the voice of your thymus come through. Don't censor it or change it or feel obligated to answer. Just go with whatever comes." Immediately, "Yes" came through from the thymus.

I said, "Thymus, I think there are viruses hidden around in this body that are so clever, you might need my help to find them. Would you be willing to send a whole bunch of monocytes and macrophages (types of immune cells) to the places where I put my hand?"


It seemed best to send a unique signature energy that was just mine, so I said, "Can you tell that this is my energy?"


"Okay. I'm going down to her knee. I want you to send a bunch of immune cells. Just tell them where to go. Clone them! Make millions of them to come down here."

Within a minute, I could feel a buzzing under my fingers. "Now, clear out anything that even looks as if it could possibly be diseased or 'not self.' Please, please, please take care of it."

That's right, I was not above begging the thymus for help. I could feel it responding.

"Now, can I move to the next place? You can leave the macrophages here and send me a whole new batch for the next one."

I went quickly, but with real intensity from place to place. Finally, I went up to the back of the head and Kayla said, "Oh my God! I feel better!"

"Kayla," I said, "you heard what I did. Right?"


"What I want you to do is look through your body every morning and see if you can find places that might be virus pockets. Then, I want you to politely ask thymus to send macrophages to wherever you find those pockets."

Kayla performed did this self-treatment twice a week for several months; she's doing quite well. She also showed a friend whose mother had CMV (cytomegalovirus) how to do it. Normally, the prognosis for that condition is poor. The mother came and did a two-week program and we taught her how to do it herself. Now she's running around doing fine. That's what got me started on what I now call "Cell Talk."

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