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How do you find new clients?
December 2012

If given the option, would you partner with your local hospital to offer massage therapy for patients?
November 2012

Do you regularly receive referrals from others in the health care profession (i.e. Medical doctors, physical or occupational therapists, rehab specialists, athletic trainers)
October 2012

Do you use any online marketing tools (Facebook, Groupon, Twitter, website, Yelp, Pinterest, etc) to promote your massage practice?
September 2012

How would you rate your massage education?
August 2012

Do you think there should be established competency standards for massage teachers that would be applicable across entry-level, continuing education and advanced programs?
July 2012

As a massage therapist, in what type of setting do you primarily work?
June 2012

How many massage conferences/trade shows do you attend each year?
May 2012

Do you currently offer retail products to your clients?
April 2012

How closely do you follow legislation affecting the massage therapy profession?
March 2012

Do you regularly keep up with the latest massage therapy research?
February 2012

Do you think there should be a tiered educational system with a college-level degree as an option?
January 2012

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