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What is the most important issue facing the massage therapy profession in 2012?
December 2011

How is your practice compared to five years ago?
November 2011

If given the opportunity, would you work at your local hospital?
October 2011

How would you rate the training you received at your massage school?
September 2011

Do you think the increase in massage therapy research has improved the credibility of massage in the eyes of the allopathic medical community?
August 2011

On the whole, only a small percentage of massage therapists ever attend a trade show. What prevents you from attending?
July 2011

What percentage of your clientele do you consider to be "regulars"?
June 2011

Have worked in an "integrated" office with other health care providers? What was your experience?
May 2011

How frequently do you work with children in your practice?
April 2011

Have you written a case report involving the use of massage therapy?
March 2011

Aside from basic courses (i.e. anatomy and techniques), what courses are most important in massage therapy education?
February 2011

Do you make New Year's resolutions for your massage practice?
January 2011

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