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Poll Results for the following Question:

In terms of holiday sales (gift certificates, specials, discounts, etc.), how far in advance do you plan?
6 - 12 months 15 (10%)
4 - 6 months 14 (9%)
A few months 56 (37%)
A few weeks 36 (24%)
I forgot! 6 (4%)
I don't. 25 (16%)

Total: 152

One of Massage Today's goals is to give members of the profession a forum in which to voice their opinions. MassagePoll enables the massage community to vote on issues relevant to the profession. This is a voluntary, nonscientific poll; caution should be used in generalizing the results.

Note: Due to unsolicited postings, MassagePoll has permanently closed its online comments section; however, your thoughts are important to us. Please send your comments to , and refer to "Massage Poll" in the subject line.

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