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What is the most important issue facing the massage therapy profession in 2010?
December 2009

Do you follow current health care reform debates or legislation related to health care?
November 2009

What percentage of your clients are referred to you (by client, health care provider, practitioner, etc.)?
October 2009

Should health insurance coverage plans include direct reimbursement to licensed, certified or trained massage therapists for medically necessary treatment?
September 2009

Do you incorporate professional sports massage therapy in your practice?
August 2009

Do you incorporate aromatherapy in your massage practice?
July 2009

As a massage therapist, do you think it is important to attend massage industry events each year?
June 2009

Have you ever written to your government representative in regards to legislation that affects the massage therapy profession?
May 2009

Do you work with estheticians, or others in the skin care profession?
April 2009

In Massage Today, what information would you like to read more about?
March 2009

Do you believe there should be one entry-level exam nationwide?
February 2009

Thinking about your clients, how open are they to new techniques?
January 2009

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