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What would you like your massage association to focus on in 2005?


National licensure/regulation
Massage education standards
Promoting professional unity
Consumer awareness/education campaigns
Medical community awareness/education campaigns
Improving association benefits

Total Respondents: 401


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Improving association benefits it would be nice to have a quality health care program through the organization for us

Massage education standards
we need to concentrate on all of these items, but until we make one set standard for massage education we will not be a major adjunt to the medical community. We have a numerous amount of well trained therapist that are working in medical community and like myself are often asked about training and what degrees or certifactions we have. So I truly feel without education standards we will not be recognized by most professions. In most states it takes atleast 1500 hours to just cut and style hair.
and the average hours for massage training is 250 to 500 hour.

Marvin Joiner BS,RMT

Other Creating a Nationwide Peer Supervision Group Network through which we can build a community of peers who come together knowing we all want the same thing - to facilitate healing using touch or energy.

Consumer awareness/education campaigns 
There are several things I would like to see happen.
1. A retirement paln MTs couls contribute to like TIA-Cref
2. A national commercial about massage-a few years ago, there was a commercial about an ambulance rider who gets off of the truck and says I can't wait to go home and take "some Kind of aspirin". Why can't we do a commercial and the actor can't wait to go home and call their massage therapist? I think this would have a huge impact.

Promoting professional unity I would like to see more unity and also Health benefits for Therapist. A plan that one can afford, we are a large group isn't there a way for a Ins. co. to give us a plan? Maybe the organizations can pick one up? I know alot of therapist that need benefits and have to pick up work elsewhere in order to have them, whether it is working for a Doc. or just another job. Please let me know your thoughts

Consumer awareness/education campaigns The more the public is aware of the benefits of massage, the more our profession will grow and prosper.

National licensure/regulation 
I am listed under Holistic Practitioners as a "Medical Manual Therapist" in the Grand Rapids, MI Yellow Pages and I still get prostitution calls. I do medical massage. I thought NOT listing under Massage Therapists would stop that but it hasn't. The problem of prostitutes hiding under the guise of massage is rampant in this state. We're going to have to resort to in parentheses (absolutely no prostitution calls)under our business names.!

Massage education standards Although I checked Massage Ed Standards, I would have checked all the above. Keep up the great work. I look forward to each issue. Maggi,CMT

Massage education standards Standards for coursework as wellas, qualified, experienced teachers are reaching a critical stage...The growth in our industry is exploding and schools are lacking solid educators...some schools choose to hire recent graduates just to fill the void.. I have seen this first hand and it greatly changes the students experience in the classroom...I am afraid we are currently seeing a vast down turn in the skill levels of graduates...

Other I would like to see my local AMTA chapter focus on state licensing requirements, currently there is no state license.

All of the above!

National licensure/regulation We have way to long not been unified. Calif. where I live and practice has in no way made it easy due to not having regulation state wide. Each state does it's own regulations and make it very hard to move state to state. Other careers do not have this issue and we are over due to have some professional standards.I feel this shows that we must have national regulation to keep us protected and create an invironment where our careers are taken serious.
Thank you for considering my feed back.
Improving association benefits National licensure and regulation would be a major benefit, and so would health insurance benefits.

Consumer awareness/education campaigns There are so many people that if they knew of the benefits of massage, they may be more apt to integrate it into their lifestyle. Plus, with all the negative stigmas attached to "massage," hesitation is common. This makes pushing massage as a necessity rather than an occasional luxury even more challenging.
Aimee B., Massage Therapist

massage instructor
Massage education standards As a massage Instructor, my main focus is to give students an excellent education. The education requirements are too broad, and many MT's are getting licenses that should NOT be in practice.
Schools should have a solid curriculum, experienced teachers, an excellent owner/admin that understands the requirements needed to be a professional.
I also think the Nationals are a bunch of BUNK. The school I went to and state I practice in, had a tougher more thourogh testing procedure. Also the Nationals dont offer anything but a piece of paper for $225! If all states saw the Nationals as a standard I would be more inclined to promote them, but at this point, there is nothing that seems a benefit.

Massage education standards National standardized requirements for MT's is the most imporant issue for me. In looking at the different states and requirements,I discovered they are as different as night & day; one state needs 250 hours while another requires 1500 hours or 7 years plus a required number of hours within the 7 years to be able to practice if you're an out-of-state trained MT. On the surface it looks very dis-organized. I'm also very interested in working with the medical community,learning hospital protocol and the MT's place in that environment.

National licensure/regulation there is a great need for a unified regulation across the country for certifiction of therapists.
each state should havea common ground of regulation to follow.
not a hogepoge of do whatever feels good,here you read a book now you can hang a shingle...

National licensure/regulation I am working on becoming a massage therapist and i really want to know what is on the national exam so then i have at least a little head start
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