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 I trained in Boise, Idaho, in a school that went out of business in the midst of my program. It was intended to be a 350 hour program, but with the opportunity to continue up to 600 hours. I had completed less than 200 hours before the school closed. Since that time I have not been able to find adequate continuing education here in town. There are a few schools operating here, but it is my impression that they are not particularly challenging or serious programs. Furthermore, they do not welcome continuing students. We do not have legislation for massage here, and I believe that that affects the quality of training drastically.

Excellent I went to High-Tech Institute in Orlando, F.L. and to be honest that school robbed me because it is over priced and unorganized. On the other hand, my teachers were and still are the best instructors and people I've ever had. They are extrmely knowledgable of massage and would do it again because of that. Massage is a great skill and proud to be a LMT.

Excellent My massage therapy course was excellent! The teachers were great, they all had a different style and different techniques. It opened me up to a world of new experiences. I truly have found my calling, I am a healer. I would like to thank Morgantown Beauty College for offering the massage therapy program in Morgantown, West Virginia. Now I have my own business and it is going great! I fill like I fullfilled one of my goals!

Excellent I got my education from the Venice School of Massage Therapy 7 years ago- now closed but an excellent school. I am so glad that I got my education in FL due to the high level of ethics as well as the education was the best. I now live/practice in Illinois and there is no state licensing. The experience as a massage therapist being licensed in FL is a wonderful one!

Poor I attended the Winchester satelite classes of the VA School of Massage, which is part of the Steiner Education Group. Our education was poor at best. Our teachers had NO teaching experience, education, or certifications. Sometimes we would get conflicting information from teachers with no one to tell us the correct answers. Our weekend modalities were a little less than a joke as well. Our "ethics" class consisted of a lady who just wanted to share personal stories and more or less told us to lie to clients. Our course syllabus outlined marketing as well as job placement, which turned out to be a lie. When I asked one instructor about the course outline I was told that she "didn't know anything about that". A year and a half after graduation and I still cannot get any "job placement" assistance. In that same year and a half, I have talked to 4 different "job placement" counselors; all of which have not offered any job opportunities to me. The only feedback I get is that my resume needs to be revised, but no one has offered any revision advice. A Dean at the local college commented that my resume looked fine (go figure). The truth is, out of 22 students, only a handful are working (as MTs that is). I have gotten feedback from local spas, chiropractors, as well as MTs that they prefer not to hire graduates from VA School of Massage. $7,000 down the drain!!! The concenses is that you definately do NOT get what you pay for. (ex. I heard a student in the advanced part of the course who was working in the student clinic, explaining to a paying client that myofascial release is a technique that goes deeper into the muscles that deep tissue massage) Lord help us all!! I will be receiving retraining with competent instructors as soon as I find a good school. Any suggestions??? I'm in Northern Virginia and really need referred to a great massage therapy school!!!

Excellent The Brenneke School in Seattle afforded me the best education with accomplished and caring teachers and professionals. Heida Brenneke is a godsend in guiding me in the massage world and in other areas of my life as well. This school is tops in my book!!

Excellent I attended American Institute of Massage in Richmond Virginia. The owner is Joseph Schibner, and he also is the person who is responsible for curriculum which is medically based. I work solely with TBI, and for Center for Neurorehabilitation Services. They paid for my education, and with my help located and approved the school, and curriculum. It was diverse, and thorough with a wonderful basic education for me to build on, and I passed the National's with flying colors. I work with another CMT, who I trained to take over for me while I was on maternity leave, who has a bachelors, and attended school at the same time I did, and was not nearly as well trained. She now has the medical beackgrund to work with our patients after 2 1/2 years and 1 year in post graduate work in rehab counseling

Poor Teachers blabbed on endlessly without addressing massage technique, emphasizing psychobabble and pseudo-religion. Bodywork was rarely the focus.

Excellent  I took the certification course of 500 hours from a school in Florida, eighteen years ago. It was a small school, whose founder was an art educator whose life drew her to massage from a visceral level. She developed a curriculum which comprehensively covered the COMPTA rules / guidelines at that time. She hired local professionals to teach very specifically. Each subject was easured and evaluated in an established educational format, always directly relating the test questions and practicals to the learning goals pf the lessons. The teachers made efforts to create tests that
were fair and actually measured the acquired skills and knowledge of the students. Her name was Jean Reese, and as a veteran educator, she knew that each student learns in slightly different ways, she spiced it up with demos, field trips, volunteer experiences. In each class that I participated, I was inspired to
learn more, and have continued my studies in neuromuscular, triggerpoint, sports massage, Swedish, relaxation and meditation, Anatomy and Physiology, T'ai chi, yoga, hydrotherapy and nuttition. She created openings for self awareness that helped me in my practice and in my life's path. She inspired me to go out and do good work. I became a massage therapist in a small town and a massage teacher, using her style and adapting it to make it my own. Teaching massage students is and art and a science. It takes compassion, intellect, intention and stamina. Also, it takes a lot of experience to be good at it. I began teaching in 1986, right out of school. I taught Swedish Massage, a European style, (the Swedish Massage teacher was Euroean at Jean Reese's School) So, immediately, I began my education as a massage teacher. I learned how to prepare the information in lesson plan form, create handouts, answer questions that I could and find answers for those I could not. As a result, I returned to college and earned a Bachelor's Degree in Science, took education, science and fine art classes which helped me become a better massage teacher. What I learned is that time is an element of creativity- and massage students are busy re-creating themselves- something about what touch does , and focusing on the future. It is amazing to watch personal self esteem build as they acquire sklls and knowledge that they know they will use in their lives- whether they continue in massage or not. Education of massage therapists is formulaic- for some students part of the formula, wise compassion, is left out.
Good I've just started my training two weeks ago.

Poor i graduated from a school that had just started teaching the curriculumn. i think the courses lacked alot of techniques and aspects to massage that are out there. It has been a year since i graduated and i am scared to take the nationals and fail, knowing that others in my class and the class before mine ( the first class), have failed the nationals... its hard to speak to people that are interested in taking classes. i find myself not wanting them to know where i went to school and wanting to tell them to stay away from there... i know it sounds bad but that is how i feel... i got a second rate education... the last time i knew 2 out of about 20 people, of the two classes, have taken and passed the nationals...

Excellent I attended The Desert Institue of Healing Arts (DIHA)
in Tucson AZ. It was an excellent education and wonderful experience.

Poor i had a new teacher and all she wanted to discuss was her boyfriend she even gave answers to one student so she would pass she wanted everyone to pass so she would look good to her director i'm scared to practice now because i don't feel like i know enough and i can't afford t5o take another class

Good Like any education, schools provide the majority of the theory with some practicals (the more the better), however in the end it is up to the individual to continue to advance their professional education in line with the massage styles they will be proficent with. Never stop learning.

Excellent My Advanced education at the Florida College and Natural is founded in Funtional Assessment. Even that I work at a Spa, I have great success aproaching and treating this condition. I personally advise any new therapist to go thru this course.

Thanks Ariel Quinones

Poor My education as far as the school I attended, Austin School of Massage Therapy- Amarillo Texas campus, was very poor. I say this only because this school, like many others, will pass you as long as you pay them the money and show up for classes. One instrutor told the class that we would all pass the exams, no matter how many times we had to take them. Only passing grades were recorded and the test never changed. The instructors, for the most part, went way above the call to teach us about massage. From them I got a great education.

Excellent I feel very Blessed with the Schooling I had. My school was in Florida, The Humanities Center. They are state of the art! They wanted you to pass. The teachers were GREAT! I compare my education with other schools and I can't believe some of them out there. They have no business teaching massage. Plus "RELIGION" is kept out of the School. So many have NEW AGE in the schools that it takes away from what you are there to LEARN.
The one thing I really feel was wonderful was the Internship. They taught everything you were going to need right there with an instructor so if you made a mistake you were corrected before you got out into the big bad world. Another thing was they taught with Video's,when you learned something new you were graded with that. So you could see what you were doing right and wrong. That was the best tool for me. There is so much I could say but won't take the space but I do wish to thank my school for doing such a wonderful job!
Thank you Sherri!

Excellent I went to a two year college that offered an Associates in Applied Sciences with a major of Massage Therapy. I believe that all therapist who would like to further their carrer in medial massage should seek out programs that allow for this type of academic curriculum. I feel a strong eduction is the foundation of a respected therapist.

Excellent I love the UTAH School of Massage. The instructers were great and I was placed in a great job. Shiatsu, Swedish, Reflexology, Reiki is just a samll part of my training.

Fair I'm not the type of person to trash other schools. The school I've attended was fair, only to find out about better schools at lower costs after I've graduated. Check accredidations first, COMTA is good place to start. Research if a school is certified by the Veterans Administration or is cleared by Homeland Security to train foreign students, a very tough proceess. Good Luck to all!

Poor A law suit is pending on my behalf against the school I've attended. I guess it's partially my fault for not checking out other schools. I'm out over $7000.00 and nothing to show for it.

Excellent The Academy of Massage Therapy is by far the best Massage School in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. I had to drop out of one school because of the unprofessional, enxeperienced teaching staff. Word to the wise is to shop around first. If a school can't quote their tuition fee over the phone, i'm sure high pressure sales person is waiting for you to enter the doors. The Academy is a 14 year old institution run and operated by massage therapists. I breezed through the NYS exam and working in the field. Thank You AMT!

Excellent The Academy of Massage Therapy is by far the best Massage School in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. I had to drop out of one school because of the unprofessional, enxeperienced teaching staff. Word to the wise is to shop around first. If a school can't quote their tuition fee over the phone, i'm sure high pressure sales person is waiting for you to enter the doors. The Academy is a 14 year old institution run and operated by massage therapists. I breezed through the NYS exam and working in the field. Thank You AMT!

Excellent I attend Synergy Healing Arts Center and Massage School in Blue Ridge Summit, PA. I am tought by LMTs, Doctors of Chiropractic, sports massage specialists, reflexology specialists, the list goes on. I am learning much more than massage. I am learning how to handle special needs clients, pre-natal, infants, and the elderly. I am learning cranio sacral techniques, meridians, chakras, energy work, therapeutic touch, and a myriad of other techniques that will make me a well rounded therapist. Oh, I have also learned how to give a very detailed therapeutic massage. One that can pinpoint soft tissue problems and help alleviate them. I have gotten detailed anatomy instruction. Some of my friends say I sound like a doctor when I rattle off muscle names, origins and insertions, actions and the ADLs that can cause problems in those areas. I consider myself fortunate to have enrolled at Synergy. They also have a 99% success rate at getting their students to pass national certification. Unprecedented success, wouldn't you agree?

Thanks...//Jon Howard

Fair Most of my "education" occurred AFTER graduation! Our profession is over regulated (in Florida)and many of the requirements are merely "hoops" through which we must leap (& pay). And pay. And pay. And pay.

Fair It was fair. It was a tough 18 months. Often I think how did I survive? Overall, I learned most on the job.

Excellent I attended a school that was careful to screen applicants well so that only people who intended - and would succeed at - a
massage CAREER were admitted. Care was taken throughout to
insure that we knew ourselves and would be ready to work
upon graduatoin.

Excellent AIMT, an excellent school!

Excellent My educational experience at Bancroft School of Massage Therapy in Worcester, Mass has been excellent. The curriculum is full and exciting, starting with Ethics first and foremost then learning Anatomy, Massage Technigues, Buisness Development and intro courses in Hydrotherapy, Hot Stones, Polarity ect. The teachers are knowledgeable, enthusiastic and always available.

Excellent Honestly, I was sad to read some of the "Massage Poll Archives". I have been a therapist for over 7 years and have close to a thousand hours. Personally if I was just a client I would appreciate the extended hours and knowledge that the therapist had aquired. I have a good repoire with a number of health providers and I do except insurance to help those out who otherwise would have to put off their HEALTH on the back burner. I am not $$$ motivated. I give many dicounts if I see someone is not coming (that really could benefit)because they truly can not afford it. Isn't that why we all got into massage in the first place? To help people, right? I know I did, I had an injury myself. There was too much negativity in many of those articles. If you want to chose to stunt your growth, I am sorry. Not all doctors are "bad". I would rather look for those other health professionals that have the same likes and learn from them. There is so much to learn about the mind/body. My massage just keeps getting better. I do not use just one technique, I use many, there is no "title" for what I do, I have good intention. All I know is that I am helping make a difference in other peoples lives for the better.

My massage training was excellent, very thorough and connected an amazing place! In Nevada City, CA. I did before --- take a 100 hour course at another school that was very unorganized and very unprofessional (note: not in Nevada City). They had students that had JUST finished a 100 hour course teaching many parts of the 100 hour classes. I took 2 other classes a Reflexology and a Shiatzu, which were very good. After that I looked around and found ---. I called the school in question and told the owner I was sorry, but I felt that it was in my best interest to attend PSM. He said "Well I am sorry to hear that because I was really looking forward to getting that money from you for the 500 hour course. My bills are stacking up and.... Yes, he did, can you believe it! My jaw dropped (on the phone) and I chuckled and said well I am sorry, but I have already made my mind up. I will not mention the name. I do hope that things have changed for the better for that school. Although I doubt it much, last I heard he was buying videos (still) and teaching classes from what he learned. He does not attend classes, ask questions, he goes to seminars where does not attend the seminar and buys the video. The reason I am mentioning all this is help people be aware and reaserch a school before going, because you could save a bunch by just buying the video yourself! I wish you all wellness.

Charlotte Massage
Excellent I would say that I received a wonderful basic massage education and advanced education in anatomy/physiology as well as neuromuscular massage. I do wish that they would have covered at least a basic hands-on training of spa therapies (salt scrubs, paraffin wraps/dips, therapeutic body wraps) and retailing home care products. If you even step foot near a big spa, they expect for you to know these things.

Excellent I sought out information and went to several schools before I found one that would fit me best. My main goal was to find a school that offered quality education, lots of hands-on experience, and was cost effective. I am pleased with my education experience as a whole. I have a solid foundation of massage therapy training (650+ hours), I had no problem with my national certification exam and no problems with certifying through my state--my program took great care to go over these two items. I am now researching different CEU's on which to build on my expertise.

Fair Sir,
I Quam Sadiq,a fitness insructor from lagos nigeria west africa,I want to know if I could get some magazine on massage that can aid my job,as I have much intrest in massage,most of my client demands for massage,and since am not properly trained in the area I need to learn,kindly send me some material that will aid my learning please.Also, I want to know if I could have a sponsorhip from your organisation{i mean some thing like scholarship for proper learninig} please kindly send me reply in haste.Thanks and God bless.

Excellent New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts, Santa Fe, NM. 1000 hour program. Thank you, Robert March!

Fair My Teacher was great. But due to the staff's (mainly the new director and sometimes the owner)knowledge (or lack there of) of the profession, She wasn't able to teach us everything she wanted. They wouldn't allow her to teach us Massage Modalities through the entire course. She was only afforded 275 (if that) hours out of 600 hours to teach us practically everything she knows. Most of those 275 hours were also wasted by a rude student, who argued with the teacher almost constantly.

Fair I was part of the 1st graduating class of massage students in a school that was business oriented. The adminstration had no idea how to handle such a dynamic program, refused to see how a massage program could not be run like computer or business training programs and set up a lot of students for failure. Instructor turn over was and still is high and the student drop out rate is discouraging. I spent many extra hours begging instructors for 1 on 1 time, spent more hours than required for hands on work and countless hours studying & researching subjects that were only skimmed over in class. I will never recommend the school for massage training and don't see the program lasting more than 3-5 years. I know that I only succeeded because of all the extra work I did on my own and I will never give the school credit for my success.

Fair No one at schoold told us what kind of salary to expect for different environment such as chiropractor's office vs. salons. No one at school guided me where to look for jobs (postings). I have graduated nine months ago and still don't have a job as a massage therapist.
My instructors were excellent but no business skills were taught.

Excellent I was very fortunate to have what I call a "veteran massage therapist" (an experienced massage therapist of 15+ years) teach me many techniques at the massage school I attended - which she owned. Not only did I learn the best routines and technique, but I learned so much just from the "extras" that rambled during class which was based on all of her years of experience. It was truly an awesome experience. Now, I will be teaching Swedish massage at that school and only hope to do her legacy justice.

Good The three areas which could have been improved were handling sexually aggressive clients, working with incest and abuse survivors and business management. The business practices workshop (one whole day! wow!) was woefully inadequate. The instructor spent the first hour telling us how he became a physical therapist after becoming a massage therapist, and was able to write off his entire p.t. education because it enhanced his massage practice. That time could have been better spent explaining how to design a brochure and a business card, put together a yellow pages ad and suggesting doing seated massage at venues that get your name out there in a hurry; trade shows, health fairs, etc. The best part of the day for me was lunch at Luigi's on 8th Ave....I learned practice management on my own, after graduation.

Excellent I am graduating from Carnegie Institute, troy MI sept 12 and I have over 800 hours and extership. I am a excellent Massage Therapist.

Excellent Massage is composed by various techniques, knowledge and experience in the field.

Success over the years with regular clients who benefit from your treatment and the good energy transformed for the love and dedication towards your profession.

Massage is heals the body sole and mind and the therapist performing the treatment of massage.

Marion Camilleri-Malta

Excellent I am pleased to b eable to receive's e-newsletter. I studied a 2200 hour massage therapy program in Toronto Ontario, Canada. I left the business after my son was born and still practice today with friends. Massage was and will always be a continued way of life for me. The benefits are too numerous to state! Thanks for allowing my input.

Fair rude people doing massage how disappointing!
Self centered. many looking for good $. C.O.C.C.

Fair I was in the first graduating class from a program in Huntsville Al. I passed my national certification exam on the first try, but it wasn't from what I learned in the school--I sought out other therapists and a chiropractor to teach me what I needed to know--at my own expense. The head instructor was too busy making money doing his own massages during MY class time, and having affairs with other students and instructors to be bothered with the task of teaching (he was also absent may days for the clinics when we massaged clients). I've since sought out other therapists to learn from as well as ordering videos online to get what I need to know and I guess it's working because my business is doing very well.

Good The schooling was good for basic relaxation massage with some but very little on therapeutic. This hampered treating certain clients after getting license and prior to adding CEU's to my training..

Most schools do not prepare for real world..

Fair Would have liked more feedback on techniques from instructors.

Good I say my education was good because of the instructor. I have found since I am a praticing LMT in the state of Ohio for a few years now that many students don't have the oppertunity to learn as I did. Our instructor taught us in a way that we could make a living not just gain basic knowelege to pass the Medical Boards test as required in Ohio. I have found that our area is saturated with schools for LMT's and have spoke with many people whom have found that after spending so much money at going to school the demand is not that high and the ads are misleading, representing an LMT as someone welcomed into the health field. Thank you

 However, others at my college with a different lecturer are not so happy. They envy us our teacher.

Poor I looked to see if my schol was accredited and did all my homework before paying for what is turning out to be a horrible program. I am half way finished and cannot wait to get out of HAI in Perrysburg, Ohio. My teacher has no teaching experince, changes the syllabus without notice to the students, constructs poorly written tests,puts material on the test that we have not had in class and told to "try" to answer. I am a certifid teacher and have taught college level coures at a local university so I feel qualified to make such a statement.
Additionally, I was forced to watch a cartoon movie titled Osmosis Jones for two hours as part of my masage therapy class because my teacher was covering for an absent anatomy and physiology teacher.
There has been no "new" information presented in the massage class since the end of the first quarter and I am now beginning my third quarter. We just keep getting tested on all the old stuff.
I have been discriminated against as well. I was told I needed to have a first-aid class, but was not offered it during my classtime s the other students were. I was forced to find my own class and I had to have it completed before the beginning of the tird quarter or I ould not be able to start the third quarter. Mind you was informed of this during the last week of 2nd quarter so I had to take a class during my break.
There are many other instances but it frustrates me to write about them. I will just continue to document, document,document.

Excellent I need one in my area. Stroudsburg,Pa to cone to the house.

Excellent I could not have ask for a better staff of instructors. The school was well equipted and had well known educators for CEU classes.

Poor my massage school experience was not a good one. Too many tests each week, not enough info on other modalities, not enough on practice building, what it is really like in massage, lot of hype about how wonderful it is an it was a bunch of fluff as a child grows so they learn. Would I recommned my school? NO!!! Too much money and not enough tools for the proper job.

Good I can't compare to others schools because I only went to one in Texas. But it was good in that Anatomy and Physiology was taught by a RN who taught in nursing school also. But learning swedish massage by a teacher and then watching a video continuously was distracting. How do other schools teach it, when you have to keep practicing over and over again? I learn more from my own experience, from other therapists and from continuing education courses that update me on modalities I didn't learn in school.

Excellent The program here in British Columbia has over 3000 hours as its base. Having searched and looked,I could not find a program that was more thorough and professionally done.

Excellent I Graduated from The New York College for Health Professions and I'm so proud I did!

Excellent I attended the Florida School of Massage in Gainesville, FL. It was an awesome experience on many levels and still considered one of the top massage schools in the country. I was very fortunate.

Excellent I attended the Swedish Institute of Massage Therapy in New York City. Ths program requires 1200 hours of study and practice including clinic work, internships and externships. An Associates Degree in Occupational Studies is earned. It is the best and most complete massage therapy education available in the US.

Good This is a good question. However a good rate when that
is the only school been to and realy cannot compair.
Chuck Davis...
Excellent Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado is one great school with incredible teachers

Excellent My learning experence was awesome, I loved every second of school. I thought I was tought with great care and respect. By the time I was done with school I felt I left with a lot of knowlege. I studied very hard for the last two months to prepare for my notional, and when it was time to take the test I felt I was ready. But when I took my test it was not at all what I thought it was. The test that I got was extreamily hard. There was questions on there that I had never even herd of, but I know my stuff. I felt I was ready, I had been craming for a very long time. It was a lot of crap to take this test for $225 dollars and not pass when the test I recived was not what I was prepared for. My school followed the books and did what was required for us, but the National was a bunch of crap. Again I loved my school and want to say thanks to Ann.

Excellent My learning experence was awesome, I loved every second of school. I thought I was tought with great care and respect. By the time I was done with school I felt I left with a lot of knowlege. I studied very hard for the last two months to prepare for my notional, and when it was time to take the test I felt I was ready. But when I took my test it was not at all what I thought it was. The test that I got was extreamily hard. There was questions on there that I had never even herd of, but I know my stuff. I felt I was ready, I had been craming for a very long time. It was a lot of crap to take this test for $225 dollars and not pass when the test I recived was not what I was prepared for. My school followed what books and did what was required for us, but the National was a bunch of crap.

 I attended Fox Valley School of Massage in Appleton Wi and have found that it was a very complete and comprehensive year. I've been able to compare my curiculum with recent students of various schools and have found FVSM to be above and beyond what others are teaching. The staff is very caring and concerned for the students doing well and completing the instruction. Thank you Tom, Stephanie, Robb and staff
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