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How do you prevent professional burnout?


Massage/Acupuncture treatments

Total Respondents: 572


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Exercise I also get a full body massage once a month.

 burnout comes from either ill health or bad plannung or just plain boredom which means you do not enjoy what you are doing for people sad sad get a life

Other  Fight fire with fire...

I have worked as a behavioral therapist with the developmentally disabled for 25 years. Needless to say it can be a very stressful job. I encounter extremeely agressive behavior, staff burnout, self injurious behavior etc on a regular basis.There has been times where I've ask myself what the hell am I doing. However I love my job more than ever. The answer to your question is not in the treatment or spiritual modalities that you pursue. Believe me I have tried them all and have found them to be equally valid. I think the answer is in the personal cultivation of mindfulness and universal compassion.It is equally important to find meaning in what you do or as Joseph Campbell said "follow your bliss". And if you can't follow it let it find you. Be happy in what you do and if you can't do something else.

Vacations Took a vacation last month, and I didn't think of a single thing pertaining to massage or my office. It felt great.

Other I do meditation and reiki in my mind while i stretch with my rope that I learned @ a workshop w/ MRT Micheal Young it helps and they work. If you ever have a change to go to one of micheal's workshops do it.

Other i've been an l.m.t. for the past 13 years. and i credit my nonburn out status with only working part-time. 3 days a week. p.s. i'm a mommy the rest of the time in case your wondering.
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