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What is the most important factor that contributes to your success as a massage therapist?


Your range of modalities/specialty
Business practices (i.e., marketing, advertising, etc.)
Interpersonal skills

Total Respondents: 385


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Combination  Typical question modeled by left brained/right side lateral preferenced organizers. Fortunately Massage Therapist as well as musicians and those who write naturally left handed have a more holistic focus. The Descartian paradigmn has limited functionality due to it's unilateral orientation. Those having strong right hand lateral dominance can't see the forest for the trees, whereas those more bilateral perceive the forest (the overview) as primary to understanding and the individual trees as supportive of the system.

Combination I feel that one must have a true passion for the healing arts- massage is just one area of that. You must be compassionate, you must love every human being as you love yourself, and be willing to live in the essence of every great miracle worker, saint, or prophet. This means to believe above everything else that your work is valuable, needed, and is helping to change and make the world a better place. Believe in the power you have as an individual, to make a difference in someones life and make that difference REAL.

Your range of modalities/specialty I feel the more you have to offer your clients the more they want to come back to see what you might have to offer them and WE have lots of fun.... Massage should not just be a JOB it should be a way of life....

Combination Your range of specialty,interpersonal skills and location

Your range of modalities/specialty I specialize in deep tissue work. Most people that are hurting like this type of massage because it helps stop the pain cycle. Many people that come see me also like to feel like the massage is doing something for them. We also do not charge extra for doing the deep tissue work!

Combination From 11 years of experience I would have to say a
strong and well balanced combination is the key. Being
consistent (on time and only cancelliing in case of
illness or emergency....I recently aquired a new
client because their previous therapist kept
cancelling at the last minute). Being personable (I
call my new clients the next day the check in on them
after their first session. Rembering childrens names
and asking how their family is doing in a sincere
manner). Great marketing skills (offering a referral
program, birthday and anniversary discounts. Sending
thank you postcards for business and referrals and
welcoming a new client to your practice). High level
of skill (I take 30-60 CEU's a year to stay up to
speed with new techniques and fuel my passion by being
around other therapist for a few days in a learning
environment). I also belong to the ABMP, AMTA and am
Nationally Certified. Now of course none of that makes
me a great therapist, but staying close to the
information that is immediately available helps me to
keep that

Combination Definitely a combination, however my location to both downtown Columbia and the twin cities of West Columbia and Cayce makes Utopia convenient to a number of professions. My commitment to providing quality service and a professionally relaxed atmosphere are my greatest compliments. Maggie Gibson Bostic, CLMT/Columbia, SC

Interpersonal skills Without the skills to listen and talk to your clients no amount of knowledge and skills will help you be a good therapist.

Combination Like a service business type ventures you must find balance. I am a LMT and have an MBA, and advantage most therapists do not have.

Combination Though interpersonal skills are important and having a specialty which works for me and my clients(Jin Shin Do Acupressure)are important, I am surprised to see being able to help clients with what they came to you for not listed! I believe that I am successful because my clients feel better--thus they come back and they refer others! Debrah

Combination It's really a combo of things -
Your range of modalities/specialty
Business practices (i.e., marketing, advertising, etc.)
Interpersonal skills

Combination The most important thing to the success of my business is how much better people feel when I'm finished. After my first year in business, most of my clients came from word of mouth. I may never have been to school, but after trying my free sample, people quickly spread the word.

PS, I work in a plain white office without aromatherapy. Many of my customers are elderly or construction workers who don't want to go to a "fru-fru spa". I also get a few asthmatics who can't breathe near aroma therapy. But every person who has looked to rent one of my plain treatment rooms that went to school for therapy spent more time and money on decor than they did in getting the word out on their new business. This obsession with decor puzzles me, especially at the bottom end of the price range.

Your range of modalities/specialty My success as a massage therapist is definitely attributable to my 1000 hour training with an Associates Degree plus the extensive continuing education I vigorously pursue.
My success in my own massage therapy business is most importantly my interpersonal skills in combination with my extensive education in holistic health.

Thank you.

Yamil Sarabi, LMT

Combination Frequent targeted marketing would be first, combined with interpersonal skills which would also include client contact like welcome letters, thank yous for referrals, birthday cards, etc. A convenient location helps as well but is not critical.

Combination I am fortunate to work in a chiropractic office where the dr. does not take advantage and pays a fair rate. There is a high patient volume, so I don't have to spend much effort in marketing. I get to concentrate on doing the therapy and giving my energy over to helping patients. Combining a variety of modalities with interpersonal skills are the two key factors that keep patients coming back. They discover massage therapy works - it is preventative maintenance.

Combination I believe our success as massage therapists has to do with our presence, our listening skills and massage skills. Let's face it, we can be the nicest person in the world, but if we don't meet the needs of our clients we are not doing our jobs very well.
Laura Moscatello
Skagway, AK

Interpersonal skills In my observation, quality of work is crucial to success, but without good/great interpersonal skills, it's impossible to reach the highest economic level in the field of bodywork.

Combination Business practices (marketing not via newsprint but as referrals), and range of madalities gets the clients to me but the interpersonal skills helps to keep the client.

Combination I found what I did best (sports massage and injuries) then took as many classes as I could and went after that market. Working with a running group, first getting the coach on my table and selling him on the benefit regular massage, then going out to their group runs giving free 10 minute post event massage and offering discount prices to their group, I have a steady flow of new clients. I also have a location near the lake where everybody goes to run so they all know where I am located.

Combination In my 11 years of practice I have seen therapist that I considered lousy excel and prosper, and I have seen the opposite. Is there a magic formula, I dont think so. As with anything moderation is the key, if you focus too much on one area then everything else will be out of balance.
If you dont have business sense work for some one else that does.

 It seems a foolish question, most all of us have the ability to to be a successful therapist no one factor can be the sole reason for success. Interpersonal skill, location, special training, ect. all come in to play. To try to limit it to one factor, to me makes no sense. I feel the staff needs to get to the real questions. Law reform, insurance, mainstreaming.

Combination  It's the whole ball of wax my fine and furrie friends.

Combination The most important factor for a successful LMT is knowing who your customers are, sincerely caring for them, and mostly, knowing your limits and taking great care for yourself.

Business practices (i.e., marketing, advertising, etc.) Having studing Marketing & Public Relations had helpd me a lot to advertise & promote my self. For example, offering the wellknown here in Switzerland "Gutscheins", which are like coupons with a redused price,gives you the ability to advertise your business - promote the various types of massage you are practising - and it's 100% sure that a "future customer" will come...That because everybody wants to take "advantage of" something which offered in lower price or half price.
Think about it & for more info's don't hesetate to contact me!
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