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How much did it cost you to attend massage school?


Less than $3,000
More than $10,000

Total Respondents: 990


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More than $10,000 

More than $10,000 I spent $16,000 for my schooling and I feel every class, (except one), was worth it. I learned so much and I have enough hours to practice anywhere in the United States, 1200 hours. Even then I feel like I was rushed through a lot of things. I don't see how you could learn everything you need to know in 300 hours or less. For those of you who know what they're doing, great and congrads, but it's beyond me.

Less than $3,000 What you spend has no real bearing on what you know..As I have seen therapists with lots of hours that really don't know what they are doing..
Some of the schools I have seen are profit motivated so far away from quaility...Hooking them on the idea that they can make tons of money and then loaning it to then..even though it will that several years the pay the loan to get the transrcipt so they can take the state exam..Kudos to the schools that teach quality over quanity..There is so much more to massage than how much you pay..

$3,000-$5,000 It took only $2600 for the 300 hours required by Texas at the time I enrolled, but I felt an additional 250 hours was needed, so I spent $5200 on the school alone, plus books and my table. But to get started in texas? It cost me $2600 for the classes, $800 for a great table, and $150-$200 for books. It can be done cheaper, but I chose what I believe to be the best school in the state, Lauterstein-Conway in Austin, TX.

More than $10,000 Darcy Lane, London, Ontario, Canada is my school. Tuition is actually $1000 a month. Not including books, sheets, lotions and other supplies, tuition will total $18,000.

$3,000-$5,000 I attended the Baltimore School of Massage in 1999. I received an outstanding education and went on to teach at the school.
Then in 2000 the Steiner Corporation bought the school and has absolutely ruined it. They not turn out students in 6 months. The students are burned out and aren't retaining any of the information.
Is there any way that I can find out what the pass rate for the NCTMB is for BSM now?
I no longer work there and have gone on to teach at a much smaller, privately owned school that is growing every day.

Sally Davis (Certification under Sarah Lee Winter)

$3,000-$5,000 2 separate programs (1-300hr and 1-200hr) cost me a total of $5,000 and about $200 for books.

Less than $3,000 There are schools poping up over night teaching massage. People want it they will provide it whether it is quality or not.

More than $10,000 I think considering the actual difficulty of making any real money as a massage therapist, I think $16,000 is a lot of money for a MT degree. I certainly dont think that the education was worth that money either. We received a lot of introductory courses and will require further training, which will cost us more money! So I think $16,000 is outrageous to pay for MT education!

More than $10,000 My education includes over 1,000 hours. The cost per hour was between $10 and $12, oil and linens were included. Books and other supplies were not.

 It cost me about $3500 for 300 hours; it was not worth the money. I didn't do enough research before hand, so it's at least partially my fault. However, any school that charges so much for so little should be held accountable for its practices. I wasn't going to name the school, but now I think I will. It's the Austin School of Massage Therapy. Based in Austin, Texas, it has 10 to 15 campuses state-wide. I do not recommend them to anyone who wants a serious education in massage therapy.....

$5,001-$10,000 It was the most valuable experience of my life and well worth the money I paid for it so many years ago!

 I am currently attending school and my tuition is right at $25,000. It is a two year program and I will receive and associates degree when I finish. So, far I have been very impressed with my school. There are small classes and the teachers are great, also it is very hands on. I feel this will be money well spent and I will be able to do something I truly love.

Less than $3,000 the school that i went to was a joke. the instructor (yes only 1!) tried her best to teach us all that we would need to know to pass the state board, but we couldn't afford to spend time on other things. we only had a 2 days of business! for someone who was starting their own business upon graduating, this was a crying shame. the $2950 for tuition and supplies was just that. all students ran out of supplies before internship even began! then we could onlu purchase from THEIR supplier, at a much higher rate. our own tables were required to be used in class as the school did not even have anything for us to practice hands-on with. overall, i regret the school i went to, but i do not regret my profession. i love it, and i feel that it is a pity that there are schools out there that set their standards so low, barely above the state's guideline. if more schools cared, there would be fewer discouraged new grads finding other careers, as many of my classmates are being forced to do now, after only a year of practice!

More than $10,000 After all was said and done, it was over $10. Tuition was $7,500. Then after supplies, uniform, text books, and gas to get to school it went over.

More than $10,000 Also the requirement of CEU's, which in my own case has amounted
to about$6,000

 I would like to receive frequent information about massage therapy clubs and future functions. Enclosed is my contact information. In two weeks, I was able to get all of my clientel in before the October 7, 2004 deadline. I am a recent graduate from the European Institue of Massage Therapy. I will soon be employed at the Intercontinental Hotel in the Galleria. Before completing my program, I masssaged Sonja lives and owns her own spa inside the Intercontinental Hotel. Sonja has thirty years of experience in massage therapy. She immediately hired me. She explained to me that she loved my massages and was very impressed with my techniques. I have massaged many others with experience as massage therapist and they really enjoyed my techniques and the relaxed feeling. Everyone that I massaged during my internship actually loved it. Many of whom want to be continued clients. Others, may not be able to afford the new price increase, however I will make special provsions for those whom are less fortunate and have financial difficulties. I love what I do, I use to work for H. Ross Perot at Perot Systems, I had the freedom to work, enjoy life, and travel. At this point, I'm really looking forward to being my own boss and having exclusive freedom to just come and go and in many cases create my own hours of employment.

Dishell Perry
5022 Lark Creek Court
Sugarland, Texas 77479-3865
832-372-2541-if no answer, my husbands cell# Curtis Perry

$5,001-$10,000 I enjoyed my classes in massage school. I had three brilliant teachers.

$5,001-$10,000 This was back in 1987-88. The cost at the same school is much higher now.

 I've been to two massage schools. It's amazing to see the difference in teaching from one school to another. One school is extremely thorough and you don't rush through. This allows the students to absorb the material. The other is just getting the multitudes of students through as quickly as it can and doesn't understand the meaning of limiting enrollment - 27 students in one class! I wouldn't like to have half the students do bodywork on me! The fast one is twice as expensive too - $18,000 for swedish, DT, MF, and shiatsu compared to almost $10,000 for the same at the other school. The reason for attending two schools is because of a family move. Anyway, something is wrong with this picture.

$3,000-$5,000 Hoping to find assist with statistics regarding use of massage in hospital settings....trying to set up a program in a local hospital that is ready to look and I need any and all assist Namaste' Eve....I am an R.N. and LMT

Less than $3,000 I started massage school in September, 1995. The cost was $2500 and if you paid up-front, they deducted $225, which I did. I am now teaching at a different school and our tuition is $3250, which is more expensive than any school available, but our resourses are tremendous. Our teaching aids are top-notch and the quality of education from our school is unsurpassed.

Less than $3,000 Once a person start learn the Massage Therapy, he/she would be able to give massage to the clients after few lessons. This practce has two benifits. 1. Practice is the best methode to learn. 2. During this Training Practice they would be remunerated certain financial benifits (may be lower than the market rate) which could be used to furhter studies.

$3,000-$5,000 Massage schools in Texas are mostly a joke. 300 hours is inadequate to prepare anyone for a career in massage! And forget trying to "handle" anything more than "relaxation" type massage with only a 300-hour education. I have no idea why a state like TX would only require such a small number of hours----less than any other states that grants licenses! They need to go to at least 650. CEUs are outrageous--and TX does not allow anything but in-class hours on CEUs'-----strange, so little hours and strict requirements for how you can get your CEUs. The whole massage field is quickly becoming so flooded with inferior therapists, no wonder we don't get much respect from physicians.

More than $10,000 

Today Sept. 29 2004 I walk out of massage school today, feeling very low in spirit.Not like the day I enter in happy and exitced. I know money to any school is very important, but why send us in a field which is over run with massage therapist, I mean you just can't find a job which so over flowing with student from around this area. I spoke to one of my teacher she say she know this is a problem, but the whole ball game is money and not being concern about the present students and not saying a word to us or the future student. This a wonderful field to get into. But wish there could be some honesty people,and not think about fulling their pocketbook.
Please comment. I have been out there looking but I keep coming back home with the same amount of Resumes as I go out there. Something need to be done. I have invested over $13,000 in this course. Dinah English

$3,000-$5,000 The school i attended was not what i would call a school. more like "you'll get out of this what you put into this". i had no teachers showing me how to give massage. i learned from other students. they were running a spa at the same time and that was their biggest concern. we were not. iam surprised i passed the tests. i have been working for 4 years now and go to other schools for trainig all the time. i have to. i feel i need more and more.

More than $10,000 I have just started my education and all my materials and table are included in my fee. The school I am attending is behind each and everyone of us that are attending the class to make sure we are successful. I beleive you get what you put into it. I am aware of the business end of it and without a positve outlook you more than likely will not succeed. It will take alot of time and effort. I am changing with each and every class I attend. I would recommend my school to anyone who is instereted in massage therapy.

$3,000-$5,000 My final cost including the purchase of table, oils and other supplies was about $3,800. This does not include transportation or meals.
The sad thing about my school, and from what I have heard from other therapists, as well as most others is that as long as you paid your money and attended class you would pass. No gaurantee that you would pass the state exams but most schools I have heard about promise a 100% pass rate for the course- as long as you pay on time.
This might be the easiest way to improve the quality of massage therapists across the country.(The complaint of poorly trained therapists is mirrored in several massage publications). If you do not do the work or learn the material then you fail. As long as graduating a course is based on your payment and attendance records we will have those in the field that are looking for a quick and easy way to enter the profession.

$5,001-$10,000 Although, at the time I felt that the $6,000 was very costly, I would do it again if given the chance. There is no way to put a price on my total, Massage school experience.

$5,001-$10,000 I paid $6000 plus in the state of Ohio. I feel my BASIC education could have prepared us more for the business end of this career. We heard alot about how much money you could make not about what you have to do to get there. I was very prepared for the state boards. Overall compared to some of the shoddy educations out there I was fortunate but CEU's are very expensive. I love my career and can't imagine doing anything else inspite of the expense.

$5,001-$10,000 I feel that the education I received on massage was adequate but not enough for the money that I paid.
Even though it evoked a genuine interest and drive in me to further my studies on massage, I can't help feeling a little bit short-changed.

More than $10,000 The school I attended offered great classes where I learned more than I thought I would. Academically, the school was great! But there were a lot of politics and junk that went on and all in all I didn't think it was worth all the money I had to pay.

$5,001-$10,000 About $4000 for tuition, and about that much again for all other
school expenses (lodging for my far-away school, meals while at
school, sheets, lotions, books, project supplies, et cetera).

$5,001-$10,000 It was worth every dime. My business has been very successful and I have more than recouped what I put into it.

Less than $3,000 I am blessed to live in TX, where it was a reasonable cost to get my registration. The hours are low (300) to become a Registered Massage Therapist in TX. I would like to see the hours increased, therefore it would cost more. I would be for that increase and other changes which could be made (like licensing instead of registration).

$5,001-$10,000 I paid a lot of money for my schooling in this field and thanks, in LARGE part to a small class size and the willingness to explore OUTSIDE the school, I learned a lot. I feel the school I went to could have better prepared and educated us for the field.

More than $10,000 I consider that my (basic) education in Massage is a good deal! Now that I have been in practice 2 years, I understand the rationale for Canada's much more comprehensive basic training. I am in favor of increasing the minimum training time to 2000 hours. We would be graduating well-trained, confident, business and technique savvy body workers! Viva la excellence!

$3,000-$5,000 $4,200 back in 1992 the same school is around $10,000 now

$5,001-$10,000 The education was much too basic for this amount of $. There are so many things the schools do not teach that they could easily add to their curriculum and make being in the business of massage so much easier and understanding. That is why so many students end up in other careers - they were not prepared for what happens after graduation.

$5,001-$10,000 Massage schooling is outragous!!!! I strongly suggest if one can get past the excessive pricing, then attend school. The student must also relize that a Massage Education is a VERY EXPENSIVE "OVER VIEW". Massage Therapy CEU's are anything but cheap!!!

A good therapist will have to keep up with their CEU's - through out their profession. Education is the key to a sucessfull practice.

$5,001-$10,000 The school I attended worked hard to give us quality education and exceeding the state of WI requirements for hours while keeping the cost down. That made if affordable for everyone attending, no matter what their income.

$3,000-$5,000 The fees paid do not fully represent the cost of the course as the time spent in study is therefore time not spent in employment, likewise the practice clinic hours.

$3,000-$5,000 The fees paid do not fully represent the cost of the course as the time spent in study is therefore time not spent in employment, likewise the practice clinin hours.

 I think it was too much for the course also that does not prepare you for how difficult a career in massage really is.

$5,001-$10,000 6,000 plus... in the state of Ohio

$5,001-$10,000 Beware. Lots of schools out there, some truly feeble education going on.

$3,000-$5,000 My class cost just over $5,000, and was only 4-months long. But it was an excellent class, taught both the basics of massage therapy as well as advanced modalities, and I now have an excellent job working in the Florida Keys. :-)
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