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What would you like to see more of in Massage Today?


Interviews with industry movers and shakers
Late-breaking news
Point of view stories/editorials
Expanded spa section
Human interest features

Total Respondents: 198


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Other Would like to see more statistical data related to who/what/when/why people used massage therapy.

 More Pathological issues around the Massage Therapy field. Most of Schools DON'T teach Pathology for M.T.'s and in the Practice most of the students don't know what to do with their clients when thy're suffering a desease.

 I can provide email documents to show that the Mississippi State Board of Massage Therapy has prohibited the practice of craniosacral therapy in Mississippi under the Massage Therapy Act.

Having completed all seven Milne Institute courses, and having used craniosacral as the foundation for my successful massage therapy practice, I am in need of advice about what to do next. Can you help me?

Brenda Eiland, NCTMB, RMT

Point of view stories/editorials Counter points to regular writers by other "heavy hitters" in the trade would be great.

Expanded spa section I receive a massage every month. I have notice that people don't shower before they get a massage. should they be told?

Other articles that focus on anatomy and physiology and specificity on other modalities is what i'm most interested in.

Point of view stories/editorials Especially stories of success in Massage Therapy and success in specific ECU areas; ie. NMT or Lypossage, etc., with clients. As well as new concepts in Massage Therapy. Massage Therapy Traditional vs Medical Massage.

Other You have a great magazine. I would appreciate more articlces on how to combine massage into a healing session, especially through energy medicine techniques.

Human interest features I would like to choose more than one of the selections i feel that there is a need to expand all of them. Jill

Other I would like to see some sort of massage humor article. Every massage magazine I subscribe to is so serious. It would be fun to lighten up a bit. :)


Other A major concern among therapists seems to be where to pursue CEU's or further education. A series of ongoing articles describing and reviewing the major avenues ie: Barnes, Waslaski, Taws, Lowe, Upledger, etc. would be appreciated.

These article would please me if they were a good explanation of what the student would learn and how it would impact how they work with clients.....and rate the effectiveness of the teachers. This would optimally be done by writers with a good critical eye and an unbiased viewpoint. And printed in an magazine that would not worry how it may affect the advertising revenue from said reviewed teacher.

Other I like the articles on specific problems and how they are helped through bodywork therapy.

Naples, FL

 I'd love to see more about current research into all kinds of touch therapy.

Other more CST and energy articles...

Other Massage DVD,Video and Software reviews.
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