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What are you willing to pay for a top notch 4-day continuing education workshop?



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$251-$500 I have become "workshop shy" because of the number of times (about 50% of the total) I have gone to workshops and found the presentation padded, void of the new skills and techniques I had reasonably expected, or riddled with the presenter's egotism (one presenter wasted most of an hour in a four-hour workshop inviting her clients to tell the hall full of students how great she was -- in ways that did nothing to increase our knowledge base). On several other occasions, I have asked colleagues whom I considered trustworthy critics to report back on a workshop I might plan to take. The results have been about the same -- roughly half were workshops that I wouild have considered a waste of my money. The last time I heard such a report, incredibly, I was told that an instructor peppered his presentation with racist remarks ("African Americans all have flat feet from those generations of picking cotton with babies on their backs"). The same instructor packed so many people into the workshop, which involved very active techniques, that my friend reported it was hard to move. We crunched the numbers based on what she paid -- around four hundred -- and decided that, after paying two assitants (not enough) and covering facility costs, this instructor must have cleared over $25,000 for a weekend workshop


So yes, I would pay in the $250-500 range for a GOOD workshop. How am I to know whether I will get what I pay for? At present, it seems difficult to predict, and it's outrageous to expect us to clear our calendars, prepay, and then sit through a poor workshop instead of asking for our money back because we have to have those CEUs and most folks would rather grin and bear it than demand a refund and go through the whole rigmarole again with hopes for a better result next time.

It's not what we are asked to pay in dollars, but what we pay for. At present, the oversight of these classes is clearly inadequate. People in every other allied profession tell me the costs for massage CE, especially based on what you receive, are inflated and extortionate. When is the National Certification Board going to exert some real oversight????

$251-$500 I would rather have an intense 3 day for under $500 - because when you add plane fare/travel time, the workshops become too costly for most to participate in.

 the prices for CEU workshops is greatly higher for MT's than it is for other medical fields. For the same number of CEU's my wife (an LPN) pays less than a third of the cost I pay for the same number of CEU's.

$501-$750 I have taken a lot of courses and the cheaper ones sometime seems like you get what you pay for. An sometimes, it depends on the facilitator level of knowledge on how it is conveyed. I have paid $100 to $850 for a 4 day course.

$501-$750 I have taken a lot of courses and the cheaper ones sometime seems like you get what you pay for. An sometimes, it depends on the facilitator level of knowledge on how it is conveyed. I have paid $100 to $850 for a 4 day course.

$0-$250 The longer the seminar the more nights in a hotel one may have to pay, plus food, and the time spent away from working on paying clients.

$251-$500 It's not that the classes aren't worth it, but it is pretty costly to keep up with of your expenses including insurance, and licenses... not to mention your CEU's. I feel buried by it all at times!

$251-$500 I think its grotesque when I see workshops charging $800 or more for four days, especially when the workshop is attended by 30 and more number of people.

$251-$500 It would really depend on the workshop and the person giving the workshop, I've been to many and they sometimes don't deliver and your stuck with the cost and time lost to go to one .

$501-$750 I would pay between $400 - $750 for a 4-day continuing
ed class; it has to be a class I need, am able to use, worth the CEU"s and very effective tool/ technique-s. I have been to a few seminars that have not been worth my while or helpful with clients- also the travel costs, meals and lodging has to be considered.
I am not for the high costs ; look at the other side of the coin- take into account the knowledge, experience and time these practitioner's are giving each of us, the costs they are accumulating in traveling, meals, lodging, etc... also.

$501-$750 I would expect that for the money paid the topic to be well thoughtout and focused with a well studied instructor who not only has a great foundation in their craft but is an innovator. For that I'd pay almost anything, 'cept the purse strings may not budge.

 Neuromuscular Bodywork, Clinical and Meedical Massage

$251-$500 Location of the workshop is a huge factor. If I'm laying out extra coin for lodging, food, etc, then I'd certainly think twice about how much I'm also spening on the workshop itself.

$0-$250 I wish I could do more seminars. Im not exactly rich.

$0-$250 When I was going to school for NMT and Massage thearpy, I was so excite to help people with my services.....only to find out the profession that I was getting no more about helping people...but about makeing money. I have attended several continuing education classes, and saden to see that if you want to keep your licesnce you drop a lot of money...not to get better at what you do...but to broaden you field of work...and little about many modalides....not a lot about one to be great at.

$0-$250 Massage Therapy requires more continuing education
than most medical jobs and at more cost.

$501-$750 I would only pay over $500 for a 4-day, all-day workshop that was top-notch. If I haven't heard of the technique or the speaker, I will not likely pay more than $250.

$501-$750 This would be for a top knotch workshop, where the instructor really knows his/her stuff. They would also need to be a teriffic teacher for hands on material.

 $100.00+ a day is not unreasonable for a great work shop, however one needs to also consider that many massage therapists are in private practice. To add to the cost of the work shop you have to take into consideration you will not be making any money for 5-6 plus days depending where the class is. On top of that you have to put in travel,(air fare, gas), motel costs and meals. It does not end up being $400.00-$500.00 it ends up being much more and I personally do not know many massage therapists who can afford continuing education of that manner.

$501-$750 The average price for a two day CEU is around $300. I believe that $600 would be very reasonable!

$251-$500 it's really a disappointment when you take a 4-day course that could be done in 3 days if they left out all the marketing!

$251-$500 If the price was lower, I would then take two workshops / year as opposed to one, thus increasing the competency of my practice which in turn .. reflects the whole profession.

$251-$500 I think the price of education has gotten out of control. Who can afford to take off work and pay what price some classes are.

$0-$250 I am tired of finding out about massage workshops and then realizing that they cost too much.I do understand that the information is valuable. But most of us cannot afford the high cost.

$501-$750 "To-Notch" is the clinching word. Cosidering that participants will have to pay for boarding and lodging for such a workshop. The lower we can keep the cost, the more inviting it will be for therapist to participate.

 $50-250 makes CE credits affordable for those of us just starting out in the business. We are able to expand and learn without breaking our "little just starting out bank". We need a break and the opportunity to expand without spending big bucks.

 $50-250 makes CE credits affordable for those of us just starting out in the business. We are able to expand and learn without breaking "little just starting out bank". We need a break.

$251-$500 $300-500 makes it affordable for most practitioners to travel and/or attend professional training. Any dollar amount beyond that would substantiate a longer training block, perhaps 1-2 weeks. When I see a course advertised that is priced at $1000 or more, I lay the ad aside and "hope" that one day I can attend.

$251-$500 I cannot believe that the going rate for a 2 day workshop in the New York City area is $495.. I cannot afford it and I don't know many massage therapists that can. I cannot take workshops any longer because of the cost.

 You get what you pay for. Share the wealth from our practices.

$501-$750 I feel that if the cost of class/workshops can stay aound the $10.00 to $12.00 range, it will be affordable for everyone and that in turn will encourage more people to take classes/workshops thur out their career.

 I am surprised at the cost of Massage Therapy CE seminars. They are much more expensive than nursing CE programs. Please send any info on programs you might have approved for both nursing and LMT. Thanks.
Paulette Watts, RN,LMT
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