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In general, what do you think the term bodywork means to your average patient/client?


massage therapy
energetic modalities
structural/myofascial modalities
Asian/Oriental modalities
automobile dent repair

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automobile dent repair 

automobile dent repair Bodywork is jargon used in the therapeutic massage profession. The general public is not aware of what that term means. The average person I use that terms with simply asks me for further information. Some confuse it with automobiles, and others are attach immoral connotations with the term. I live in northern Illinois, mind you. Some areas are better educated about the complementary modalities. As a profession we are serving more than just one territory or state. To better serve each other as professionals, let us not forget the large spectrum of the people all of us together are attempting to serve. Bodywork, in my opinion, is best left out of advertising to public.

automobile dent repair It's a toss-up. I'm too close to it to be objective, but think the average
person would think auto, rather than human body.
Maybe Body Therapy would be more appropriate than bodywork.

automobile dent repair Definitly Automotive Bodywork.

On a side note as a web designer I had to laugh at the idea that User ID's to access this website will protect our privacy and provide security. Hahahaaa...What a load of Big Brother Speak...

Quote from your site on User ID's:

"One reason behind the creation of user IDs and passwords is to give visitors to the ability to customize certain sections of the site to meet their needs. With these new features in place, visitors will be able to enjoy more privacy and security."

automobile dent repair Most people seeking therapeutic massage know it in thoes terms not as "bodywork". Bodywork is jargon for what professional massage tharpists and physical therapists do.

massage therapy I believe many of my clients are unsure of what the term "bodywork" means. I think they infer that it might mean massage therapy.

automobile dent repair People are not well educated at all about massage.

automobile dent repair To the general public bodywork is auto.

The general public is so under informed.

The term bodywork is not used in conjunction with massage and healing to a large enough extent for a client to associate the two.

automobile dent repair Even when I use the term body centered work, I
usually need to give an explanation.

massage therapy Most patients do not know the difference between the hundreds of techniques available and nor do most practicioners of "bodywork". The scope of practice of massage therapy should include all massage related bodywork. The NCBTMB should take the leading role in continuing education with reguards to certifying MTs in all forms of body work especially the asian?oriental modalities. Mts should not have to go to another disciplines accrediting body to become certified in any massage related technique like Shiatsu, Tui-Na, Anma etc.. We are the massage and bodywork experts. The acupuncturists should come to us for in school training and accreditation as we go to their schools to aquire acupuncture training.

automobile dent repair 

automobile dent repair I have a real problem with the term 'bodywork,' primarily becasuse it confuses the public, and secondarily because it is most often used by persons using quack methods that claim to effect or control human energy, bit do no physical work with customers.

The public knows for the most part, what a Massage Therapist is. Few recognize 'bodywork' as anything but collision damage repair.

On the other hand, those who practise Massage Therapy, if well trained, use a variety of techniques which are both physical and energetic. Some focus or lead with the energetic, like the MT who uses Shiatsu or Polarity; others focus on the physical, using deep tissue, MFR,etc.

The term 'bodywork' undermines the profession. At the least it confuses consumers. At worst it is associated with fringe eneregy work that is unproven, ego-centric, and like Reiki, smells of secret knowledge and cultism.

We are indeed not well serrved by the term.

automobile dent repair I think the public sees the word "Bodywork" mainly as a term to describe auto-dent repair, and when used in relation to "Massage and Bodywork", most see it as a Cute-sy advertising ploy, like we are playing off the 'repair' idea. But I also don't feel it is that big of a deal; I do massage, and am quite happy to advertise that I am a Licensed Massage Therapist. We could be called Musculoskeletal Manual Mobilizers, but how much of the public would recognize that?

 I'm afraid that the expression "bodywork" has been in existence for many years in respect to automobile repair. In order for massage therapists to use this term you would always have to lead it with massage such as in "massage and bodywork". When I saw a sign with "bodywork" in front of a building in Fairbanks, AK, I also thought that it referred to automobile repair, however, it was a massage therapist's ad. - and I am a massage therapist! It is very misleading!

massage therapy In has been my experience that when clients here the word "bodywork" they associate it with therapeutic massage therapy, and not some shady massage "parlor" with inapproriate activities going on. Personally when i hear the word "bodywork" it makes me think of a relaxing massage that invigorates and heals the body.

automobile dent repair You should offer other answers, such as lame question, not interested or try again. I'll close now and go fix the dent in my car.

massage therapy Are yourunning out of questions? There are many topics about massage therapy that could stir up alot more interest in the MASSAGE POLL than what you have came up with here lately.

The last really good question you asked was about insurance. I think this forum could truly be an asset to the profession.

Hey Guys WAKE UP or we'll go somewhere else.

Thanks Cortney

massage therapy Why only 1 choice?
Most clients of massage understand there are several
components to a good massage?
I suggest you rachet up the quality of your polls - to
allow us to give more complete opinions rather than
the narrow answers you force us to give.
And please - the car repair answer?
If you want to be taken seriously by the profession,
respect our intelligence and don't try to be cute with
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