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How do you find new clients?


Word of mouth
Advertise and/or have Web site
Provide massage at health fairs, conventions, etc.
Referrals from other health care professionals

Total Respondents: 1064


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Word of mouth 

Word of mouth Over 50% of our new clients are thru word-of-mouth, the next significant percentage are walk-ins (we're on a major street in a tourist town). Our ads in the yellow pages and local visitor's guide have been consistently bringing in business for over 10 years.

 My yellow page ad brings in 60% of my new business, just wish I could mention more of my services.

Other I find new clients tense, tight, knotty and lumpy. ;)

Other I find new clients unruly till I get my hands on them...

Other I find my clients through all of the above resources. Even though with the economy & the competition the way it is, it's been more challenging lately.
Sandra L-C
Mobile Massage
Dallas, Houston & wherever needed.

Other my main way is providing chair massage and teaching classes on massage

Referrals from other health care professionals I tend to do a little of each, as there are many ways of getting my services marketed, and there is a time and place for each through-out the year. I even do "samples" when I am out and about.

 give people gift certificates for a free one hour massage.

 All of the listed choices are great ways of getting new clients. My all time favorite is the personal referral. They seem to be the most devoted clients.

Advertise and/or have Web site all of the above not one imparsal question

Referrals from other health care professionals There should be an opportunity to click on "all of the above" or an opportunity to click on each that apply. For me it was all of them and more.

Word of mouth I do not provide massage therapy per se. I refer to my self as a CranioSacral therapist and spiritual healer. I also use an off body technique called "Esoteic Healing." I have two massage therapists that I refer to my patients.

Other I use all of the techniques listed, yet I can only vote for one. Would you please record ALL choices for me?



Word of mouth I only graduated last month and already I've got regular clients (two or more sessions)! Word of mouth is working well for me. The only advertising I've done is a flyer for gift certificates. I've sold four already, so advertising works too!

Word of mouth I use all of the methods listed at times, but word of mouth continues to be my best consistent source of new clients.

Word of mouth I have spent way too much money on advertising with zero return. My practice has been built on satisfied clients telling frinds and relatives

Word of mouth Why were the answers limited to only one choice? Why not allow us to answer all the ways we market ourselves?
Why skew the answers to fit into the narrow choices we were given?
Would it not be more accurate to allow us to fully answer the question and have accurate data instead of the very narrow info you ask us to give. Bunch of hooey, you ask me.
Edgewood Wa

Word of mouth I use a variety of ways to get new clients, but most come from word of mouth.

Word of mouth I live in a small town with a population of about 20,000
people. I have always heard word of mouth is the best advertising and I believe it. When my clients run into their friends and family at the grocery store , church, or at the bank, my name is brought up and I am receiving a call the next day to book a new client appointment. There are only 5 LMTs in this area so I feel lucky to have such little competition.

Other Don't forget about volunteer work! We have the Good Neighbor Health Clinic where local folks with out health insurance can receive medical care. We also have a home called Hannah House where young woman who are homeless and pregnant can find shelter and life skills. If you have similar places in your area, why don't you volunteer? You'll find the most wonderful appreciative people and have a deep sense of satisfaction. If that isn't enough, you'll make connections that lead to paying clients too. You'll love volunteering!

Advertise and/or have Web site My clients come from word of mouth, volunteer work, providing massage at local events, etc. but I also have found advertising to be very helpful. In school we were told that the newspaper wasn't very fruitful and invited "the wrong kind of clients", but that may have been because it was a city location. I live in an area where the communities are pretty inter-connected and everyone reads the local paper. I have found the paper to be useful for name and face recognition and have had a few very good clients as a result. Because the towns around me are small, there are several choice places to mount posters and business cards; Post Office board, local general store's buletin board, bank lobbys, and best of all, the three co-op supermarkets! I also have my brochures in the Woman's Resource Center as I am certified in Pregnancy Massage. And don't every worry about competition. The more of us there are the better!
Bria Singer LMT, NCTMB
(of Bria Singer Massage and Muscular Therapy)

Other we have a chair massage kiosk at our local mall where we also sell aromatherapy.Our clients use this and our office which is close by for table massage.We have been succesful for 6 years now.

Provide massage at health fairs, conventions, etc. I try to provide chair massage at health fairs and other events whenever I can to introduce an ever-widening circle of people to massage. Chair massage is less threatening to many, and chair massage clients have become full-massage clients for me. However, many of my clients have come from word-of-mouth from my wonderful current clients who are very overwhelmed with the benefits massage has brought into their lives.

Other I generally find most clients very nice and pleasant with only an occasional grouch... *:o)
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