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Which aspect of your massage career do you find most enjoyable?


Helping others as a health care professional
Personal interaction with clients
Work environment (incense, music, overall atmosphere)
Professional affiliation (association and/or legislative opportunities)

Total Respondents: 759


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Work environment (incense, music, overall atmosphere) I read that a massage therapist is in the top ten best jobs to have.!!!!

Helping others as a health care professional I find great satisfaction in being able to help people feel better. However I highly resent the small minds of the people in the South. Except in Florida, the people in the South think massage therapy is sex or pampering. When they call for massage work they expect to find a female. When they find the therapist is a male they just hang up. If by some fluke they come to the studio before finding out the gender of the therapist they make some lame excuse and leave. To overcome this it will take more than just one person trying to educate the masses. I am trying to do this one person at a time.

Helping others as a health care professional  As a licensed therapist and instructor of massage I must say that I not only enjoy helping my clients relieve chronic pain, but I love seeing my students get excited about learning to do the same. If those people who are looking to make our profession into something perverse would just get a life and stay away from using massage as a front for their nastiness, I think more people would benefit therapeutically. GNL

Personal interaction with clients I learn as much, if not more, from my interactions with clients. Sometimes I feel as though I should be paying them.

Helping others as a health care professional Helping others and personal interaction they are both the most important part of why I enjoy MT

Helping others as a health care professional So let me guess. The last option, which of course will get the least amount of votes (what a ridiculous option to offer as a reason to work in this field) is another stab at the AMTA? Can't you guys just stop?

Helping others as a health care professional Regarding helping people, there's nothing more rewarding for me than to make someone feel better. Many people are suffering from stress, also emotional and physical pain. Helping to remove that for even an hour is extremely rewarding to me and also amazing. I have chronic health conditions to contend with and it makes me happy that I can still be useful to help those others. I think this work also improves my own condition, as well as my thinking about it.

Personal interaction with clients Personal interaction with the environment you are able to create with your client plus atmosphere, helping others to help themselves understand their own bodies

Helping others as a health care professional At my age I am only interested in helping others if I can. I like personal interaction with clients, but that is not my first priority. Nothing gives me more pleasure than to know I have helped in some way.

Work environment (incense, music, overall atmosphere) Its great having your own biz.....till tax time

Helping others as a health care professional There is no greater satisfaction than knowing you are helping people improve the quality of their lives.

Helping others as a health care professional I think it is so important to inform my clients that massage is not a luxury any more. Of course it's a treat for all of us (giving and receiving) but it is vital to your overall health as well. It is a very important part of a good matainance health program. I absolutly love when people come back to me and say "you really made me feel better, not only physcially, but mentally as well." What a GREAT profession!!!!

Helping others as a health care professional I really like the idea of have the power to relive plain and make a person feel good in body and mind. I haven't started a career in massage but will be starting school very soon.. I have wanted to go to massage school for two years now and it finaly going to happen. I like the fact that there is so much to learn about massage that if would be hard to get bored with it. If you have any info that you feel well incourage or inlighen me please e-mail me...Thanks Sarah

 Helping others helps me feel like I am giving more than I am taking from life. I am a blind massage therapist who got in this business because of my vision. Now I feel that I have found my place in this world.

I have been working with some others to establish a massage school designed to train blind people to do massage therapy. We feel that everyone has some ability and the blind have a more acute sense of feeling in their hands as well as being more preceptive of other peoples mental state.

Please email me with your ideas on this subject and any support you can offer.

Personal interaction with clients it is also a great5 relaxing and healthy environment for the massusse as well with the relaxing environment with music candles etc..
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