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How much do research findings on massage affect the way you practice?


I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly.
I am aware of the research, but don't usually change the way I practice based upon it.
I don't really follow research, therefore it doesn't impact my practice.

Total Respondents: 255


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I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. As a massage therapist for over 10 years and massage therapy instructor I find it interesting that you use the words "modify my care accordingly". On occasion I have modified but more often research has lead me to expand techniques used in my practice.

I am aware of the research, but don't usually change the way I practice based upon it. Because of theh FACT that no two Massage therapists can work exacatly the same way, it is almost immposible for anyone to produce the same effects as another person. Yes, we can learn a particular modality but when we start to use this method of working, we adapt it too our own style and capibilitiess. I teach positional muscle release and a muscle energy technique based on Thomas Hannas' teachings. The students that learn from these classes are encouraged to adapt what I teach to their own cabilities. My wife and I are basically trained in the same modalities but from experience working with each others clients, we have found that we actually work quite differently.

An example of studies done, My wife has been involved in two different low back pain studies in the past three years. All of the Massage Therapists are doing different modalities but getting basically the same good, solid results. All, or at least most, of the participants seem to be getting "better" meaning experiencing less pain and using less pain medicine to control the pain. What this means to me is that Massage in general is very good for controlling and possibly eliminating low back pain. The biggest difference between what my wife does and what the other therapists do is that my wife insists that the clients do a good share of the work by doing a home care regime along with the therapy in our office.

My conclusion is that while researce is probably necessary for the further growth of our profession, it is still very difficult to be entirely scientific about the studies.

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. Hi Ross! I am from Odessa too!!! Waw! I am thepapist of massage from 1994 and olready over thee years on Hawaii. I do massage and will try do workshops. I am so proud our Russian massage shcool and our great Russian technigue of massage. So many times patients tell me what they had best massage in them life. I am absolutely agree with YOU! Evryone who work like therapist of massage must looking and looking for research in ART of manual healing! With respect Olena D. Adams (Melnikova) :)

 I was not going to "vote with a comment" until I saw over 22% as of today's results do not even consider research to treat and modify care for clients! Excuse me, but this is shameful! "Research" isn't just double-blind placebo studies that don't fare well in massage research (only because no two massage treatments are alike, unlike pharmaceuticals.) "Research" also includes paying heed to the contraindications you should know by heart. "Research" continues to give us enormous credibility with health and mental health colleagues!With what techniques and why are you treating clients? It's difficult for me to believe you 22% don't take a health history and find any precautions which cause you to modify/customize your treatment to the unique health of the client that day based on findings/research. I urge anyone who doesn't think it's important to partipate in a research study, as I have had the privilege to do at the Touch Research Institute in Miami with premature babies, cancer patients and depressed new moms, to name just a few, to see the excitement in the field to be part of modern, holistic health history. Man, am I shocked....

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. In 28 years of practice the main lesson I get from the research is that touch energy is a form of "nutrition," a basic need - not a luxury, essential to growth and balance of body mind and spirit. Touch is as vital to our emotional well being as is water to our body and is sleep for our mind.

Each individual research study may be narrow in focus and need replication before acting on the outcome, but as the aggregate body of knowledge relevant to our field grows, I am moved to be open to a broader array of modalities and techniques, and to consider each client's uniqueness in fitting the options to their needs, and to provide safe, professional nurture.

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. our world is changing everyday and if someone has researched something that I have not got around to yet, I consider that a blessing.

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. Research on any subject is always desirable.The
best way to find out if a particular finding is imp to
your practice is to incorporate & amalgamate the
findings on a case to case basis & see the
results.Based on these practical results,we can
decide what is really benrficial to our practice &
what is not.I have had the good fortune of trying
out & combining various methods & therapies
over the years & my practice has evolved &
become much more result oriented & richer in
content.Thank you.

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. I find one must be careful to consider the source of the research, and try to find some corroborating info before making the decision to alter your work. You may hear one thing today, then someone will say the opposite!

 The reason why massage therapists in the U.K. have a bad reputation is because of the fact that the majority of students are happy and think that, what they have learned on there ten week course qualifies them to be experts.Then they go into practise not knowing the pit falls and sail along until the day they injure a client,this is where research and experience come in .KNOW YOUR LIMITATIONS

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. Research is a significant part of the way I practice.
It is my belief that those that don't use research, as one of the tools, they use to make decisions bout there patients care are giving second grade care.

Bodhi Haraldsson

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. Getting thro all junk to find good research is hard.

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. Change is not only good, but essential for the development of massage therapy as a progressive alternative health care field. Massage is not just a "feel good" treatment for the wealthy, but an on-going health benefit for informed consumers!

Janet Clarke, BA, LMT, NCMTB
Phoenix, AZ

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. Research gives our profession credibility and validity both to the medical community and the nation at large. I embrace those who are striving to do empirical studies and applaud those who are working hard to promote the professionalism of massage.

I consider research findings and modify my care accordingly. Hello Peoples,

I love to read about the profession that I love working with. I also need to get information and I've had a hard time finding that information within any organization that I'm currently with. I want reliable, informative, SUBSTANTUATED (sp?) information. I do use what I read about that affects my clients and I adjust my practice accordingly.

T. Roman, LMT
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