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How often do you, a massage therapist, get a massage?


At least quarterly
At least every other month
At least monthly
At least every two weeks
At least weekly
More often than once per week

Total Respondents: 280


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At least monthly It worries me that massage practitioners do not swap more often. If bodyworkers have a hard time becoming harmonious community, how can we expect the rest of the world to fall under our hands?! Paula

 i would love to get more often, but I find one I like, and she moves out of state! Trading is wonderful, but paying up front I don't get re-scheduled when a "paying" customer calls.

 It took me, after doing my first massage course,
nearly two years to find a therapist for myself...but
now I'm treating myself to at least one massage a
month. I feel it is totally necessary for a therapist
to be reminded how it feel to be on the receiving


At least monthly My preference is every 2 weeks, however monthly is the bare minimum!

At least every two weeks Any Therapist who is working needs to follow her own advice to clients and have regular Massage, the benefits are endless. I recommend that all therapists I work with get some type of bodywork at least once a week. It also creates a better working atmosphere. Theresa Victa @ Palm Beach Therapeutic Group

 I have made it a priority to receive massage at least weekly. I pay for it since I am asking my clients to do the same and I would feel hypocritical to ask them to make that commitment if I won't. The other issue is that this work is very demanding physically, mentally, and emotionally and I would be remiss to not take as good care of myself as possible. I have simply rearranged my financial priorities and as a consequence I have a very small wardrobe, however, I feel fantastic!

At least weekly How can you expect your clients to come in and get a massage often if you yourself do not practice what you preach? Beside how else do you prevent burnout?

At least quarterly I wish it was more frequently! Self care is important, although dealing with a repetitive use injury in my hands and arms, I think rest may come into play as well.

At least monthly I receive a massage every 3 weeks. I think it is imperative to our profession that we as massage therapists receive massage on a regular basis for our own health! Plus, since we encourage our clients to receive massage as often for them as possible it seems hypocritical to me for us to say one thing and then not follow our own advice. I'd also like to say I pay for my massages and do not trade. I expect my clients to pay my price of 70.00 per hour so I am willing to pay my therapist his rate. Affording massage is more a priority for me than eating out or going to movies. I value massage therapy and my body.

At least every two weeks I schedule massage, or some sort of bodywork every 10-14 days. Whenever possible, I barter or trade with another therapist. When it's not possible, I PAY! I KNOW MASSAGE WORKS!!!!!!!! How can I convince others of the importance of bodywork, if I, myself, cannot find the time to experience it?

At least every other month I wish I could get more than that. When I have time, no one else does. I can't afford to buy a massage, so I rely on my friends in the business to trade with me. It's very frustrating.

At least monthly At Alexandria Myotherapy (Alexandria, Virginia) there are seven of us sharing a practice and we have a system of exchanging 'hearts' for massage. We all began with 6 'hearts'. I 'heart' equals 1/2 hr. of massage from the therapist of your choice. Since between us we offer Swedish, NMT, Ortho-Bionomy, Connective Tissue Massage, Reflexology, Shiatsu, Thai massage and Reiki, we can match our needs or mood with the type and length of work we wish to receive. This not only keeps us healthy, but over time we all learn new techniques from one another. Other groups may want to try this form of exchange. It's wonderful!

More often than once per week To do this work, one must receive this work. I trade with a colleague weekly and buy one at different spas every two weeks to see/feel what others are doing.

For the most part, the work I receive in spas is mediocrity at its best. I do not express this to the giver because I feel confident that most are doing the best they can under the conditions they are forced to work under. I have complained to spa management if the work is not delivered as promised. Full body is full body not the body less the belly, glutes or other parts left off for lack of time or for fear of doing full body work.

At least weekly If i don't get a weekly massage, I can not be at my best to offer my clients the best possible service that I am capable of.

We need to be impeccable with our words... to our clients, familly and friends. If our clients need to see us at least once every other week, then we should follow our own advice and seek the same services.

At least monthly How can you believe and promote the benefits of massage if we don't use this wonderful service for our own body. We really owe this to ourselves. We encourage our clients to find time for massage Just practice what we preach. Lets begin to annihilate pain and stress one session at a time.

At least weekly I manage a seated massage store located in a mall. I exchange with my co-workers as often as possible. It's one of the benefits of my job and great for employee morale as well!

At least monthly Weekly would be ideal, but finding someone to trade with has been a huge problem.

At least monthly I would like to get one at least weekly but it ends up
being at least monthly

More often than once per week I am a massage therapist and need the same comfort that my clients receive, but I am still trying to find a Massage Therapist like myself.....

At least weekly i don't think that as massage therapist we can tell our client's to get massages and how good it is for them unless we make a point to do it ourselves. personally, my body can't take the beating it does in our line of work if i don't get a massage. trade out or pay out, but do it.

At least every other month At our day spa, we regularly trade out services with each other. This is great way to compare each other's techniques, as well as relax!!

At least quarterly 
I know I should get a massage more often:)

Ron Mackenzie
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