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What made you decide to become a massage therapist?


Personal experience being massaged
Experience of friend/family member
Belief in natural health/wellness
Wanted a better-than-average income
Wanted to help people

Total Respondents: 53


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Belief in natural health/wellness Raised in a family of M.D.'s. my father, three uncles, two cousins, and a brother practicing as liason, for California's emergency medical systems.
These relationships have allowed me a balanced perspective, combining clinical and holistic methodology.

Belief in natural health/wellness I think you'd get more informative survey answers if this poll were "multiple answer" rather than "choose one."

Donald "Paldon" Schiff, BS, BUS
NM LMT #8, NM RMTI #I-112
*not* NCTMB, and never will be if I can help it.

Wanted to help people The reasons I chose massage therapy were actualy
twofold, and I would hazard to guess that many other
therapists might have similar reasons. First is the
inate skill to be found within my hands and often
experienced and commented upon by family and friends.
Second, and I think more important, is an inherent
need to help others, knowing that first I needed to
help myself. I really believe that many massage
therapists come from a "place" that needs healing, be
it physical, spiritual, or emotional. Whether we are
consciously aware of this need or not, there is a
sense that others also have a need to move forward
with their own healing process, and this is where we
can help as massage therapists.
As the co-moderator of the Body_Work list group, I
have come into contact with many other MT's who shared
this same sense of who we are. Sometimes these feelings
are stated on the list, but more often they are shared
in the personal meetings Caro (list owner)and I have
been fortunate enough to experience as a result of our
list association.
I guess what I'm trying to say is that becoming a
massage therapist isn't simply a matter of a, b, c,
or d. It is an opportunity for healing and growth, for
myself and those with whom I have contact.

Mani Abreu

Wanted to help people After burning out in my corporate communications job I was looking for a career that would feel more meaningful to me. After rejecting chiropractics because I didn't want to have to go back to school for so many years, I fell upon massage therapy as an option. At first I studied it because the very excellent two year program in which I took part would offer me a quicker way into the world of health and wellness without having to commit myself to many years of education (for medicine, chiropractics or naturopathy). In other words, I saw it as a quicker means to an education in the medical field. I figured that after I graduated, I could easily expand on my medical knowledge because of the good foundation created through my massage studies. However, as I began to study and then enter the profession I quickly discovered how well suited we were for each other. I love my work and I love what I am able to do for others with my hands! I also love the education that gave me such a wonderful comprehension of the body and how it works.

Wanted to help people About 7 years ago Was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia
and chronic fatigue set off by a major back injury.
I searched everywhere to find someone to help me out
of pain. pretty much heard disability and you will
never work again.. My life is now devoted to finding
therapies that work and appling them to my workto make
people feel and get better. that makes me feel better.
But first of all I keep GOD 1st and #1 in my life and my work.. Thats why I do what I do..Thank you

Steve Davis

 The chiropractor I worked for MADE me go to massage therapy school. Just one more order I had to follow. It was the very best thing that ever happened to me in my entire life. Becoming a massage therapist has fulfilled all of my lifes dreams in just 16 short years. Sometimes being told what to is not so bad after all.

vivian madison
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