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How would you rate the training you received at your massage school?



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Excellent I am a student at the LaJames College in Cedar Falls, IA. The class is hard work, but worth the extra effort to be confident in taking the boards. I found the teacher to be excellent, the materials are very good, lots of practical experience, and even opportunity to learn other spa services. For the 625 hrs, you get more than your money's worth. All graduates are passing their boards..

Excellent  I attended Irene's Myomassology Institute in Southfield, MI. I was extrememly lucky to have Irene Gauthier as my teacher; she is truly gifted in many ways.
The instruction included many modalities, both in the core and elective classes. The pathology, physiology, and ethics classes were taught by a chiropractor, a paramedic, and a licensed psychologist.
The feeling at the school is both professional and communal. I remember my time there as a highpoint in my life.

Poor I went to ASMT. I was completly unsatisfied with the environment, the supplies, the course, and the educators. I'm now looking for continuing ed that will better my experiance.

Fair I attended a very well know school in central NJ, at the time it was one of very few school offering a 500 hour training. Well attending this school I realized that the instructors had very little hands on exp. They knew how to repeat the anatomy with ease from the books but could not answer real life questions about situations that come up in practices across the field. I also found that my personal life was always a topic of their dicussion, weather I was there or not. It felt more like high school then a professional program. I left with a distrust of Massage therapists and the field itself. I continued on in the field because of the love I have to help others and the simple love of working with my hands and the reward of my clients face at the end of the session and when the see me greet them before I start. They are why I am a massage therapist not the school who left me burned to such a degree that still have tears from the memory. this school continues it's lack of professionalism in that I now have clients that attend and are told that NO UNDERWEAR is allowed under the sheets. Why not??? Are they not there to learn to work with all situations? I know from my own exp. that underwear do not hinder a trained therapist from working the glutes.

Excellent I was lucky enough to have some state and and nationally recognized instructors at the time I went to school. I feel so lucky that I went to that school at the time that I did. I later taught at this school and then at another school in another part of the country. My education was so much more academic and it's why I am a very solid practitioner today. I feel that overall, the instructors should be certified and required to pass an exam for the classes they are teaching. After working for a few different schools, my respect for the good schools has increased and my contempt for the poor ones intensified.


Good The training was good for its time. I think -- at least, I hope -- that the training available in massage therapy schools has grown in scope since that time, and continues to do so.

Good  I attended the Port Charlotte School of Massage, in Fl. While the main instructor/ owner is excentric, the basics are covered. The school does have a good passing rate. It seems that you learn more from your fellow students than the instructor.

Excellent The Scherer Institute of Natural Healing in New Mexico gave me the training that has given me a solid base not only in technique, but also in the special touches that make a massage a deeply healing experience on many levels. This school is incredibly mindful of the Mind/Body/Spirit connection.

Excellent I graduated from Peninsula College in Port Angeles WA in August 2001. I found dedicated and knowledgeable staff and a well rounded program. The only real negative is that it has only one program per year, graduating 16 to 20 students. One must also applaud the State of Washington and their two year college program that includes Peninsula College!

 Bancroft Massage school in Worcester, Ma is an excellent school which has outstanding teachers and administration. I would recommend the school to anyone who is serious about becoming the best massage therapist that they can be.

Good I feel learned more on the job. Also, I think the instructors were very conceded at Ohio College of Massotherapy.

Good My training was good. The classroom size was so large that it took away from the marvelous lessons we were learning. 47 classmates made it difficult to ask questions, there simply was not enough time. I also feel that energy wise there was just too much of it in a classroom of 47!. I was glad that I was an older student so I could read between the lines as well take care of myself as the staff was over taxed. Otherwise I really enjoyed school and am glad I made the decision to go.

Poor The Medicine Hat College Massage Therapy program, is a very intense program with the only problem being the coordinator. She is so inconsistent, the program is a total disaster because of it.

Fair Our school was (is) a for-profit school & made sure it was known to all. If not for the dedication of the teachers, we would have gotten only the barest of basics. No one was pleased with the cirriculum, especially the teachers, who went out of their way to provide us with stuff the school wouldn't. Most of us have gotten together to basically teach ourselves. It was so bad that one of the instructors went out of his way to provide us with low cost training to fill us in on what the school wouldn't or couldn't teach. It makes me wonder what is involved with being an Accredited School. Sounds like they gave the Accredidation board a good snow job to be chosen.

Excellent The Richmond Academy of massage has a very strong program. The program is challanging, informative and has been around for more than 20 years. It is my opinion that I have recieved more than excellent training here. I'm proud to tell everyone that I graduated from RAM.

Excellent My experince so far has been incredible i'm currently attending the Southern California School of Massage. The instructors are great and class has been nothing less then excellent; both in atmosphere and education.

Fair I do not feel as though the education I received prepared me enough for the everyday problems that I face in my practice. "Deep" work was not a part of our study, which is what most people want. Also, the teachers were not qualified to teach the classes that they taught and, if it was a requirement for our state (PA), I doubt that I would pass a state or national exam.

Good Igot my original certification training in the year of 1978 in Santa Rosa California. It was a very small school and I enjoyed my training immensely and went on to take more trainings in my 8 years of living out there. HOwever, I find it disconcerting that the amount of training required to become a certifies therapist has risen so high. But at the same time, I am glad,as the amount of people entering the profession is rising so high as to create a lot of competition in the field .

Excellent Massage Therapy school was a journey for me physically, mentally, and spiritually. It's important to choose the school that's right for you. At the Acupuncture and Massage Institute in Gainesville, Florida we were encouraged to look at massage as clinically and medically as we wanted, or from a more healing and spiritual view point. (I incorporate both in to my work.) The staff let each student determine their own perspective on bodywork and did not insert their will of how they wanted their students to develop their practice. The experience there forever changed my life and concept of health care, for myself, my family and my clients.

Excellent The school that I attended gave me the basic knowledge to work as a massage therapist. It's up to me to me to Enhance this with more CEU'S. This is the only way I can stay current in my field, and grow professionaly. School is only the start and if you stop there. you have missed the "boat " big time.

Excellent I attended Suncoast Shool of Massage, Tampa Fl. 10 years ago. I guess you could say it had a "Hippie" feel to it and was ridiculed by the clinically correct schools.
I learned to"trust" my hands and to "listen" to peoples bodies. I learned how to "connect".
These are words that were laughed at by many. I feel that Suncoast challenged me to expand myself and grow in a spiritual way.
I've been practicing massage for 10 years and still love it. I accredit my school for teaching me to trust intuition.
I've seen schools over the years mass produce students of massage....the same massage. Mechanical.
This saddens me for they are missing out on the fullfilment of the work at "hand".
It's a no brainer...what we do has wonderful results and is medically proven to have benifets. But , there isd alot more to it on a spiritual level. The level of connecting to another human being. Establishing trust starts with the trust in oneself and their abilities.
Kudos to Suncoast School of Massage Therapy for teaching me "awareness". The true ingredient to a great massage and a fullfilling career!
Brandi D. Ambrosino, L.M.T. Ma00012313

Excellent I attended Body TuneUp School of Massage in Stockton, CA. I am forever thankful to my instructor there for providing the quality of training that he gave to me. Not only does Michael Eakin (the owner and instructor) provide the highest level of training, but his students go on to thrive in their practices, and obtain their personal goals.

Excellent I am a semi-recent graduate ('99) of the Sarasota School of Massage Therapy. One of the things I was most impressed with, about the school, was the emphasis on "quality of touch". In my experiences with other massage therapists, especially ones' from various New England schools, this "quality of touch" is often undeveloped if not lacking all together. So, for this I am grateful to my school.

However, returning to New York to practice after graduation, I found myself underprepared for the New York licensing procedure and examination. A lot of the information they were seeking was either not taught to me at school or else covered briefly. This is not entirely the fault of my school as they were located in Florida and thus not 100% in the loop with NY standards. Also at the time New York was in the process of raising it's educational requirements from about 650 hrs. to the present 1000+ hrs.

So in short, I loved my school and felt the hands on training was excellent, but found the cerebral education a touch lacking.

Good At the time I graduated, I think it was a "good" education. 1) I put more into the study than the average which helped me derive more from the process. relatively speaking, the effort and depth of study equates with the level of education. 2) Having graduated, I know I need a lot more in terms of assessing mechanical relationships in my clients' bodies. I can't do it all at once, but 6 mos. out of school and I know I need lots more. at the time, I'd assess my education as good. NOW, I know it wasn't enough(for my needs). Maybe it's a sign of a good education that it taught me that I need more than I have.

Fair When I attended massage school in 1987-88 the classes were still being held in the basement of the director's house and frankly, I was slightly embarassed by the lack of professionalism. Since then, a separate building has been built, the director has an incredible staff, with speakers coming from all over the country to hold seminars and I am now proud to say that I attended the Downeast School of Massage in Maine.

Good The school is now closed, primary instructor retired. BUT as the years have passed, 11 years to be exact, I truly appreciate the focus of Swedish Massage. 500 hours worth. We were not offered so many variables that would dilute a "good touch". And all training since has re-inforced and enhanced my primary training. A knowledgeable massage 'touch' utilizes and expands my inner knowing intelligence. This is now my life, evolving, career. Not a stop on the way!!

Excellent Being as I attended West Coast College of Massage Therapy in British Columbia,Canada.It is hard to compare the schooling of any other college in North America with WCCMT, as it is now a 7 semester program(that's 3.5 years), and that is over 3000 hours of full time school.I can only say that all other schools are in dire need to bring up their standards if we as massage therapists are to become more noticed in the medical community.We also have the highest standards in North America when it comes to Board Certification exams.
Mike Wilson RMT
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