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Graphs from the 2002 issues of Massage Today

These graphs are provided in two forms, a gif/jpg file for viewing on screen and a PDF (Portable Document Format) file. The PDF file is being provided for those who wish to print the graph, as this file will print with far greater quality. In order to print the PDF files you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader, if you do not have this software on your computer click here for step by step instructions and the link to the Adobe Acrobat download page.

Nurses Know the Value of Massage
(December 2002 issue)
Hands Down, Massage Is Best
(November 2002 issue)
More Headache sufferers Try Massage
(October 2002 issue)
TCM Massage for Protruding Discs
(September 2002 issue)
A Little Education Goes A Long Way
(August 2002 issue)
MDs Utilize, Recommend Massage Therapy
(July 2002 issue)
The Power of Healing Touch
(June 2002 issue)
At the Top of the Charts
(May 2002 issue)
Misinformation, or Not Enough Information?
(April 2002 issue)
There's Always Time for a Massage
(March 2002 issue)
Help Keep Your Clients Young
(February 2002 issue)
Which Is Better for What?
(January 2002 issue)
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