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Product Round-Up: Massage Lubricants and Aromatherapy

Product Round-Up: Massage Lubricants and Aromatherapy

Soothing Touch Basics Fractionated Coconut Oil

Soothing Touch Basics Fractionated Coconut Oil is coconut oil that has been through hydrolysis then steam distilled to remove long chain triglycerides, resulting in an oil that has stable characteristics making it easy to use and store. The oil is moisturizing, has excellent glide, and is light on the skin without a greasy feel. The unscented oil blends well with essential oils and is paraben free and antioxidant rich. With a shelf life of 24 months, it is available in eight ounce, one gallon, and five gallon sizes.

Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Massage Lotion

Ideal for deep tissue massage, Lotus Touch Organic Naturals Massage Lotion is a blend of seed oils that creates a lotion with high glide and low friction. The lotion contains flax seed oil, jojoba oil, olive oil, and shea butter. The flax seed and olive oils possess essential fatty acids for healthy skin while the jojoba oil penetrates the dermis for lasting moisture. The shea butter provides the smooth glide and finish. The product is water dispersible and contains no nut oils, parabens, or glycols. It is shelf stable for two years minimum and is available in eight-ounce squeeze bottles, half-gallon containers, and one-gallon containers.

Master Massage 3-bottle warmer

The Master Massage 3-bottle warmer can heat up oil, lotion, or gel quickly and safely. The warmer can gently warm three standard eight-ounce bottles up to 140°F in approximately 20 minutes without compromising the oil’s nutrients. The warmer has five adjustable temperature levels and will automatically stop heating when it reaches its desired temperature. When the temperature drops, the warmer will resume heating so there is no risk of under-heating. The durable, easy-to-clean heater is protected by Master Massage’s One-Year Guarantee.

Sparoom Linen Spray

Sparoom’s Linen Spray comes in three different scents (Seaside, Cotton Linen, and Lavender) to freshen linens, drapes, furniture, and clothing. The sprays are available in 16-ounce spray bottles and are made from a mixture of water, natural fragrances, and a blend of natural essential oils.

Sombra Warm Therapy Natural Pain Relieving Gel

Sombra Warm Therapy Pain Relieving Gel is a topical analgesic that relieves minor muscle and joint aches and pains. The gel absorbs quickly, is non-greasy, non-staining, and alcohol free. Thanks to the inclusion of orange peel extract, the gel has a light citrus scent. It is also enriched with capsaicin, camphor, and menthol. The product’s heating and cooling ingredients begin to work immediately upon application to affected areas. Sombra Warm Therapy Pain Relieving Gel is free of NSAIDs, gluten, and animal products and is available in the following sizes: two-ounce jar, 3-ounce roll-on, four-ounce jar, eight-ounce jar, 32-ounce bottle with pump, one-gallon container, and a gravity dispenser box with 100 samples.

Ellia Gather Ultrasonic Essential Oil Diffuser

Crafted from ceramic and wood, Ellia’s Gather Diffuser features a basket-weave design meant to complement almost any décor. The diffuser comes with a remote and delivers up to 10 hours of continuous runtime or 20 hours of intermittent runtime. Color-changing light shines through the basket-weave design and a library of relaxing sounds and music further personalizes and enhances the experience. The diffuser can be easily cleaned via a 50/50 mixture of water and vinegar.

NRG Hold All Massage Lotion Bottle Holster & Lotion Jar Holster

Designed to accommodate both an eight-ounce bottle and a four-ounce jar, the NRG Hold-All Holster holds the massage products at waist height for easy accessibility while giving a massage. The holster comes equipped with a 50-inch belt and is available in navy, purple, and black. Additionally, the holster is compatible with the NRG Belt Extension. The product can be machine washed in warm water with mild detergent.

Bon Vital Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion with Olive Oil

Enriched with olive oil, which is known for its moisturizing and skin nourishing properties, Bon Vital Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion is rich in vitamin E and other oxidants to leave skin feeling smooth and soft. The product has a creamy, smooth texture that gives a lasting glide and a clean absorption that makes it a good choice for all massage types. The whipped consistency means it can be easily pumped for convenience. The lotion is unscented and free of nut oils and parabens. Bon Vital’s Therapeutic Touch Massage Lotion with Olive Oil has a shelf life of two years and can be purchased in half-gallon, one-gallon, and five-gallon sizes.

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