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Legislative-themed cartoon

May/June Massage Therapy Legislative Updates

May/June Massage Therapy Legislative Updates

Legislation Signed Into Law

Colorado to Extend Massage Therapy Licensing Requirements

The Colorado Massage Therapy Practice Act was up for sunset review in this session. In April, Governor Polis signed "https://leg.colorado.gov/

sites/default/files/2022a_1226_signed.pdf" House Bill 22-1226 into law which extends massage therapy licensing requirements until September 1, 2031. There were no substantial changes made to the licensing requirements.

Kentucky Bill to Add 6% Sales Tax on Massage Therapy Services Becomes Law

In April, the Governor’s veto was overridden, making the provisions of Kentucky House Bill 8 now law. Effective as of January 1, 2023, a 6% sales tax will be required on “nonmedically necessary” massage therapy. These are the same services that fall under the healthcare umbrella in many states. The bill states that medically necessary massage therapy will be exempt from the 6% sales tax, but a definition for what is considered “medically-necessary” is not included in the bill."

New Mexico Bill Allowing Expedited Massage Licensure Signed Into Law

NM HB 191 was signed into law on March 3, 2022. This new law allows for expedited licensure for persons holding a professional or occupational license from another jurisdiction. A massage therapist who possesses a valid license from another state, and has practiced massage therapy for two years, will now be able to expedite the licensure process.

New Washington Law Expands The Massage Therapy Board

WA SB 5753 was signed into law on March 30, 2022. This new law increases the number of members on the Washington State Board of Massage Therapy from four to seven. It also raises the per diem for board members for meal and travel reimbursement from $50 to $250.

Maryland Licensing Bill to Become Law

MD HB 220/SB 37 legislation to create a single tier of massage therapy licensure in Maryland passed both the Senate and the House of Delegates. This bill, which would also alter the massage education requirements, is, as of press time, waiting for the Governor’s signature, which is not required for it to become law this October.

Legislation Currently In Play in the 2022 Session

Arizona Background Check Legislation For Massage Therapy Applicants

AZ 2438 revises the background check process for massage therapy applicants in Arizona. This legislation would remove the criminal background check requirement and replace it with a state-issued fingerprint card.

California Bill Seeks to Extend the CAMTC Oversight of State Voluntary Certification

AB 2687 would provide for the continuation of certification of massage practitioners and massage therapists by the California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) and other nonsubstantive changes to CAMTC.

Delaware Proposes Online Continuing Education Rule

The Delaware Board of Massage and Bodywork has proposed a continuing education rule that would allow nine of the 24 required hours to be taken online for the license renewal period ending August 21, 2022.

Iowa Mandatory Reporter Legislation For Massage Therapists

IA SF 2060 adds licensed massage therapists to the list of persons required to report child and dependent adult abuse. The state board of massage therapy would allow the related training to count towards state-required continuing education hours.

Kansas Bill Would Establish the Massage Board Under the Healing Arts

SB 531 and HB 2400 would establish the Board of Massage Therapy under the umbrella of the Board of Healing Arts. Grandfathering language would allow all current massage therapists to easily obtain a state license, while bodyworkers could continue to practice legally and will not be required to have a massage therapy license.

Oklahoma Massage Therapy Bills

OK SB 1741 creates licensing for massage therapy establishments and removes the Advisory Board on Massage Therapy. OK SB 1764 would add two members to the State Board of Cosmetology: one member would be a massage therapy and one would be a massage therapist establishment owner.

Oregon Proposes New Massage Therapy Rules

Oregon is proposing new rules that may affect your massage therapy practice. These proposed rules would mainly impact continuing education requirements, definitions around supervised and non-supervised hours in massage education, communicable disease mitigation measures, and board member duties and stipends.

Legislation Likely To Be Reintroduced in 2023

Minnesota Licensing Bill Will Not Move Forward in the 2022 Legislation Session

Minnesota bill HF 1275 and its companion bill SF 1074 for licensing Massage and Asian Bodywork Therapists were introduced in 2021and awaited a hearing schedule in the House and Senate 2022 session. A hearing was not scheduled for either bill, and therefore they did not progress through the appropriate committees to move forward in the legislative process this year. These bills will have another opportunity to be assigned and heard in the 2023 session.

New Hampshire Massage Establishment License Legislation

NH 1429 would create a massage establishment license in order to regulate massage therapy businesses for public safety in New Hampshire. This bill does allow an exemption for sole proprietors or solo practitioners. This bill has been placed on hold for further study.

Rhode Island Bill on Massage as as Opioid Alternative

RI HB 7131/SB 649 is a bill relating to opioid alternatives for pain management. This legislation recognizes massage therapy as a nonpharmacological alternative to opioids for treating chronic pain, along with acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, physical therapy, occupational therapy, and osteopathic care. This bill has been placed on hold for further study.