ITEC Offering International Certification

By Kathryn Feather
May 6, 2015

ITEC Offering International Certification

By Kathryn Feather
May 6, 2015

Since 1947, ITEC has been awarding industry certifications in the beauty, complementary therapy, sports, fitness and hairdressing professions in more than 40 countries worldwide. ITEC is now partnering with schools in the United States to offer therapists the opportunity to achieve international certification.

ITEC is regulated by Ofqual on behalf of the Department of Education for England and has a long history of excellence and partnerships with more than 755 schools all over the world. "ITEC is proud to offer American therapists the opportunity to achieve international certification. If a massage therapist has ever thought of traveling overseas and working in a spa, hotel, on a cruise ship or for a corporate hotel group, an ITEC certification can help them open these doors," said Jane Foulston, ITEC CEO.

Benefits For Schools

ITEC registered schools can offer diplomas in holistic massage, sports massage, infant and child massage, aromatherapy and reflexology, among other specialties. The benefits to schools that choose to become ITEC registered include recognition for graduates and a curriculum with a recognized standard of excellence in the global market.

"ITEC provides qualifications that meet the needs of the industry and that are clearly understood and respected by employers worldwide," said Foulston.

ITEC has established a partnership with the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork so that all of NCBTMB's assigned schools can become an ITEC registered school. This partnership with NCBTMB allows students the opportunity to apply any specialty certification educational hours toward any continuing education needed to satisfy the initial application or renewal requirements for state licensure and NCBTMB board certification.

NCBTMB assigned schools can take advantage of this opportunity as long as they are in good standing, can agree to merge their curriculum to the ITEC international diploma in holistic massage or any of the other ITEC certifications offered, and complete the ITEC schools registration form.

"We believe this is the ultimate two-for-one benefit for our Assigned Schools and the profession," Steve Kirin, Chief Executive Officer, NCBTMB, explained. "Matching ITEC's curriculum means students graduate with a competitive edge not offered anywhere else in the world—they meet their state requirements for licensure and are immediately eligible to earn ITEC's international massage and specialty certifications, putting them on the fast-track toward Board Certification and other career advancing opportunities."

"Our partnership with ITEC unleashes even more positive opportunity for professional development and career path advancement within our profession—thereby aligning us with other healthcare professions to bring recognition, validity, and empowerment to massage and bodywork profession and industry,"  said Dr. Leena S. Guptha, Chair of the NCBTMB Board of Directors.

ITEC has waived the approval fee for NCBTMB assigned schools until January 2016. After that, it is a one-time $500 fee and $250 for any additional venues.

ITEC's minimum requirements for school staff is to have at least two years of experience in the industry and have current certification in the subject they intend to teach. ITEC also requires a demonstration of continual professional development annually.

Benefits For Students

Massage therapists wanting to achieve international certification must attend an ITEC registered school. Students seeking this certification gain the opportunity to expand their employment options beyond the United States, knowing they have achieved a standard of skill and knowledge that is recognized worldwide.   According to ITEC, no matter where a student studies for an ITEC certification, the assessment is exactly the same which maintains standardization around the globe. "If you have ever wanted the opportunity to work in another country, an ITEC certification will open those doors for you," said Foulston.

International opportunities abound on cruise ships, in luxury hotel chains and destination resort properties. Achieving the ITEC certification can open these doors, making massage therapists more marketable beyond the United States.

If you are interested in becoming an ITEC registered school or you are a massage student looking to attend an ITEC registered school, please visit for additional information.