What Are My Choices?

By Editorial Staff

What Are My Choices?

By Editorial Staff

You've made the decision to become a massage therapist and invested a lot of money in your education, practice location, marketing, and everything else you need to be successful. Now what? Where can you find information on products, continuing education information and other goods and services to help your practice grow?

"What Are My Choices?" is a periodic column that gives you the information you need, straight from the experts - the companies themselves. This installment focuses on companies that offer tables, mats, cushions, pillows and ergonomic aids - important components of a successful massage practice.

A BackRub Co.: A pioneer in the massage business. We offer a variety of massage, back and body care products, including our Feel Good Pillow line. All pillows are filled with flax seed, and may be purchased with or without a scent. We also carry the Oster Massager, and world famous McKenzie lumbar and cervical rolls. Earthlite chairs, oils and lotions are available. A BackRub Co. offers professional as well as volume discounts. Phone: 888-771-2225; E-mail: sid@abackrubco.com; Web: www.abackrubco.com.

Core Products: Therapeutic products that are soothing to wear and medically effective, providing support and tension where you need it most. Offers a variety of products, including pillows and positioning products, braces and supports, and hot and cold therapy. You can find relief for just about every part of your body. Phone: 800-365-3047; Web: www.coreproducts.com.

DEV direction Inc.: Offers solid, dependable products and we guarantee it. Our tables do not squeak or creak when in use, are made with heavy duty hinges, have quality foam that does not break down and get squashy after a few uses, are made with durable vinyl that easily wipes clean and no tools or assembly required. Phone: 877-589-0048; E-mail: topmassagetables@devdirecton.com; Web: www.topmassagetables.com.

Dryssage, Inc,: We develop products that allow therapists to perform superior massage outside the office. For out of the office massage most of us use chair massage, the only problem with chair massage is that it does not feel anything like traditional massage with oil. However, with our new Dryssage Glide System, you can offer a chair massage that will closely match the quality you are capable of providing in your office. Phone: 866-395-8343; E-mail: info@dryssage.com; Web: www.dryssage.com.

EarthGear/Lifegear: Committed to offering the best value in massage therapy equipment and supplies. Our collective ambition is to provide massage therapy equipment that is intelligent in design, solid in performance, and exceptional value. Phone: 800-508-1937; Web: www.earthgear.com.

LSI International: LSI International, Inc., founded in 1987, is a wholesale distributor for the massage therapy, chiropractic and physical therapy industries. A few of the massage tables LSI carries include: Earthlite Massage Line of the Spirit II, Sedona, Avalon II, Harmony II and the new Avila II Chair and many other quality massage products. FREE catalog available. Phone: 800- 832-0053; E-Mail: lsi@lsiinternational.com; Web: www.lsiinternational.com (Password: SHOPLSI).

McRoskey Mattresses: Provide excellent support, maintaining proper spinal alignment and preventing stress at major joints such as the shoulder and hip areas. People shopping for a new mattress should look for quality in craftsmanship and good materials. Because a mattress too firm is not desirable, people need to be able to choose among different types of comfort and support. Unlike other brands, McRoskey allows customers to select from five different comforts. Phone: 800-760-9600; Web: www.mcroskey.com.

Oakworks: For 25 years Oakworks has had an ongoing dialogue with the therapeutic massage community, working to offer the most ergonomically superior, safe and environmentally sound tables on the market. Find out more about our revolutionary Breast Comfort System padding. Your female clients will rave about their comfort in the prone position, but you'll love the access your hands have for all clients in the supine position. At Oakworks, bodies talk; we listen. Phone: 800-558-8850; Web: www.oakworks.com.

Posture Education Products: TruComfort™ Seat and Back Support System. Ergonomically designed to relieve discomfort and promote proper sitting habits. Transforms poorly designed seats into healthy, supportive seating - car, office, airplane or elsewhere. Back provides guidance to align the head, neck and spine. Seat provides firm foundation for pelvic bones. Adjustable-thickness, teardrop shaped lumbar cushion attaches to back at height that corresponds to user's lumbar curve. Phone: 800-392-0363; E-Mail: posture@mindspring.com; Web: www.postureeducation.com.

Select Comfort Direct Corp: Unlike traditional mattresses, which are made from metal coils and springs, The Sleep Number Bed by Select Comfort™ uses uniquely designed air chambers to provide a gentle cushion of support, which can be easily adjusted to your preference for comfort and firmness. In addition, the Sleep Number® bed allows couples to individually adjust each side of the bed to the precise comfort level each partner prefers. Phone: 888-548-9508; Web: www.selectcomfort.com.

StrongLite Tables: Provides equipment that is used to bring human touch to the world. We fully support the work you do and put our love and caring into each process of our work to provide you with the best massage equipment available delivered with the best service available. Phone: 800-289-5487; Web: www.stronglite.com.

TAO Trading Int: Provides tables at low prices, with constant improved www.bestmassage.com.

Tempur-Pedic: Manufactures and distributes Swedish Mattresses and Neck Pillows™ made its proprietary TEMPUR® pressure-relieving material, a viscoelastic material that conforms to the body to provide support and help alleviate pressure points. Products are currently sold in 60 countries under the TEMPUR and Tempur-Pedic brand names. Phone: 888-881-9779; Web: www.tempurpedic.com.

The Institute for Integrative Healthcare Studies: Provides massage professionals with ergonomic aids, books, videos, charts and other materials they need for 35 exciting, Category "A", continuing education, home study programs. Nationally recognized experts teach these valuable programs. Toll-free advisory support included at no extra charge. All approved and/or accepted by the NCBTMB, AMTA, AMBP, Florida and most other states. Call today for a free resource guide. Phone: 800-364-5722; Web: www.homestudycredits.com.

If your company offers products or services to the massage profession and would like to be listed in "What Are My Choices," please contact Massage Today at 800-324-7758.