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Welcome to Online Only Articles. Massage Today receives many submissions each month; however, space limitations often prevent us from publishing as many articles as we would like in a timely manner. Online Only Articles was developed as a way to get this information to you, our readers, faster. Check in often: New articles will be posted continually.

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Articles are arranged by date published (most recent first).

AMTA California Chapter Hosts Annual Convention
By Editorial Staff (04/10/06)
We Get Letters and E-Mail
By Editorial Staff (09/20/05)
Why Discounting Without Benefits Doesn't Work
By Amy Roberts (07/14/05)
Did Acupuncture Evolve From Massage?
By Matthew D. Bauer, LAc (06/01/05)
Clinical Pearls for the Massage Therapist: Learning and Using Acupuncture Back-Shu Points
By Mark Kestner, DC, FIAMA, CCSP, CSCS (05/09/05)
Much Ado About Nothing: The Importance of "Nothingness" in Bodywork
By Ray Bishop, PhD (03/14/05)
Massage Therapy Licensing: An In-Depth Look
By Enrique Fabian Fernandez (01/19/05)
What Should You Look for in a Public Relations Firm?
By Bretton Holmes (11/08/04)
Massage Students Offer Gift of Touch to Dying Patients
National University of Health Sciences Press Release (10/06/04)
Texas Association of Massage Therapists Prepare for Annual Convention
By Janine Ray, RMT, MTI (10/04/04)
State Licensure May Boost Public Relations
By John Fred Spack (9/03/04)
Two Give Meaning to Life
By Judith Kohn (8/13/04)
TA'ing: A Therapy of Its Own
By Donna Snow-Spears (6/16/04)
Stone Massage and Cancer
By Sonia Alexandra (6/16/04)
Teaching Unethical Business Practices Must Stop
By Ed Denning (6/14/04)
Relax...the Thai Way!
By Rebecca Wilkowski (6/14/04)
Massage Technique: Can Yours Withstand the Test of Research?
By Gregory T. Lawton, DN, DC (6/14/04)
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