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  Following the Body's Clues  
How 29 minutes of massage therapy
changed a life.
By Debbie Roberts, LMT
There was a higher power at work when I helped Marianne. You know as a therapist when you jump right in and try to help someone and all your efforts work, but you are not entirely sure why. Then your mind is reeling in the possibilities of what just happened, followed by you can't wait to get your nose into a text book to further investigate how exactly you made those dramatic changes.
By Whitney Lowe, LMT
Lumbopelvic pain is a common complaint that is not always remedied with many standard low back pain treatments. For many people, some treatments have been helpful, but the condition still persists. Frequently, the pain problem exists because an underlying postural or structural deviation has not been properly addressed.
By Irene Diamond, RT
Do you want to know how to get more clients? An easy way to get more clients is to first be sure potential clients know you exist. How do you get more people to know that you're around? How do they learn of you and your skills?
All my previous articles in Massage Today have included information about the core distortion found in the body. I want to explain how the term "core distortion" evolved and why other medical professionals have not described it in these terms.
By Linda LePelley, RN, NMT
Tissue Density Restoration (TDR) massage was developed in response to my clinical observations over a number of years that musculoskeletal tissues experiencing pain are associated with an elevation in tissue density (TD) and once the elevated TD is reduced, the pain is alleviated.
By Gerry Pyves
You don't need to be a psychotherapist to talk to your clients or find out why they are coming for a treatment. This is perfectly within your legal "scope of practice." By training to become a psychotherapist, I learned to say much, much less to my massage clients. I learned to let the touch really do the work. I also learned to let the client define their own reality.
By Cary Bayer
A major step in your public relations program is to find suitable outlets for your publicity material. Once you've located a variety of outlets for your message, it's wise to develop the many different elements of your message: press releases on news items, pitch letters for round-up stories, pitch letters for profiles, queries for bylined articles and queries for ongoing columns.
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