News Update: March 13, 2017

Off the Table: Incorporate Movement Screening Into Your Practice for Change

How to Talk About Research
By Martha Brown Menard, PhD, LMT
How do we, as massage and bodywork practitioners, speak about research studies and their results? As professionals, many practitioners want to be more knowledgeable about research and its application to the real-world practice of massage and bodywork.
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Getting to the Root of Massage Oil Ingredients
By Nyssa Hanger, MA, LMT, RYT
In my last article, I wrote about why it is important to dilute your essential oils and how you can easily do so for the safety of yourself and your clients. The wide range of safe essential oils offers us an incredible variety of single notes and combinations to creatively blend to our heart's content.
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Manual Cranial Therapies and the
Treatment of Mild TBIs (Part 2)
In part one of Manual Cranial Therapies — And the Treatment of Mild TBIs I mentioned that many symptoms can appear after a mild TBI. Some occur in the brain directly and others appear as a response to the brain not functioning properly.
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The Clinical Experience & Your Clients
By Dale G. Alexander, LMT, MA, PhD
Participants in my courses are encouraged to understand and accept that when one works with clients experiencing degenerative progressions they must be prepared to fail.
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Get Re-Educated for Success: The Neuromuscular Way
By Peter Levy, DC
If you are trying to relax a client, loosen up and stretch some tight musculature, what you are doing is probably more than sufficient or clients wouldn't be coming back to you.
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When Cancer Involves the Brain (Part 2)
By Tracy Walton, LMT, MS
The first part of this article appeared in last month's issue and ended with intake questions to help assess the disease, and subsequently make a decision about care. Here, Tracy resumes with changes to watch for and other complications.
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At the Foundation of Bodywork - Palpation
By Ron McKnight, Dpl.Ac. LMT
According to Taber's Cyclopedic Medical Dictionary, "Palpation is a process of examining by application of the hand or fingers to the external surface of the body to detect evidence of disease or abnormalities in the various organs."
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