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Contributed by Massage Therapy Foundation Contributors - Jolie Haun, PhD, EdS, LMT; MK Brennan MS, RN, LMBT; Natalie Lorick, LMT, HHP
Do you ever have clients complain of repeated headaches? Chronic migraines, chronic tension-type headaches, and chronic cluster headaches are also known as primary chronic headaches. These primary chronic headache conditions affect about 3% of the general population, occurring predominately in females. These conditions have a significant impact on quality of life as well as economic and social costs.
Ginny was referred for treatment by a close friend and was desperate to see her friend resume her life. By the time Ginny was 59, she had undergone two low back spinal surgeries and one neck spinal surgery, a left knee cartilage operation, a right shoulder rotator cuff surgery, had migraine headaches that were increasing in frequency and intensity, and severe acid reflux.
By Scott Korb
Elastic therapeutic taping has become a highly utilized and effective therapy throughout the medical community for populations ranging from pediatrics to geriatrics. I have been using elastic therapeutic taping since 2009, and have found it to be an invaluable therapeutic tool for my clients. When I first began taping, it took some time to discover why some of my clients would come back and tell me their tape did not stay on as long as I told them it should.
By Linda LePelley, RN, NMT
Around 2004-2005, I was excited to learn that Robert Schleip was organizing the International Fascia Research Conference and he was asking for relevant papers. He encouraged me to write up my theory regarding tissue density (TD) and its relationship to pain and dysfunction. An associate's degree in nursing had not prepared me to write an acceptable scientific paper, I didn't know what a PDF was, let alone how to send one. Looking back on what I submitted is a little embarrassing.
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