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  Little Muscles Can Create Big Pain  
By David Kent, LMT, NCTMB
Sometimes it is the smallest of muscles that can create the most servere types of pain. Some clients come in to the clinic and report that hip and leg pain is so severe it caused them to visit an emergency room, a walk-in clinic or their primary care physician. Various tests were performed and x-rays taken. Medications and therapy were prescribed. The symptoms persisted, specialists were seen, more tests and imaging were ordered.
By Daniel Ruscigno
Although massage therapy is a profession that keeps you constantly busy with appointments, it's important to take time every week to focus on strategies to grow your business. This can range from continuing education courses to taking an hour each week to call clients you haven't seen in a while to expanding your online presence with a weekly blog post.
By Dale G. Alexander, LMT, MA, PhD
In 1983, my right hip was fractured in a head on automobile accident with a drunk driver. The hip joint was so severely shattered that the acetabulum appeared as potato chips in the x-ray. The tibial plateau and ankle were fractured as well.
By Nancy Dail, AFMTE Conference Planning Chair
The Alliance for Massage Therapy Education and the Commission on Massage Therapy Accreditation continue to release information related to the First Educational Congress in July 2015 at The Commons Hotel in Minneapolis on the University of Minnesota Campus.
By Shellie Enteen, RA, BA, LMBT
People in the healing arts want to help others. Massage therapists, like other professionals who work with the public in ways that affect their body, want to do as much as possible to insure their client's well-being. But, all health professions have their parameters, including an accepted legal scope of practice.
By Marie-Christine Lochot, LMT
Should being in touch with our client's energy and listening to our intuition be part of the decision making process? As massage therapists, before we give a massage, we have to evaluate the state of health of a client as it pertains to the type of massage, the amount of pressure and other variables. To do so, massage practitioners have first-time clients complete an intake form as thoroughly as possible and then ask follow up questions.
Contributed By Massage Therapy Foundation Contributors - April Neufeld, BS, LMP, Beth Barberree, BA, RMT, MK Brennan MS, RN, LMBT
This month, The Massage Therapy Foundation's research column looks at a different kind of article published in the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (IJTMB); an editorial from IJTMB's Practice Editor, Niki Munk, PhD, LMT, entitled, "Case Reports: A Meaningful Way for Massage Practice to Inform Research and Education."
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