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News Update: September 26, 2016

Pack Your Bags and Open Your Mind

Massage Effective for Cancer Pain Relief
Contributed by MK Brennan MS, RN, LMBT; Jolie Haun PhD, EdS, LMT; Beth Barberree BA, MT - Massage Therapy Foundation Contributors
Complementary therapies are commonly used by cancer patients for physical, emotional, and spiritual benefits. Among these therapies, massage is often provided for relief of cancer-related symptoms and treatment, most notably the pain.
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Snail Mail Success
Four Reasons It's Still Great for Marketing
By Daniel Ruscigno
In today's marketing world, we tend to focus on online: Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yelp, email, and more. But it's important not to forget that old school marketing tactics can still have a big impact on your business.
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Key to Rehab Back Pain
It is universally acknowledged that there is a spiral twist in the body that goes from head to foot, and therefore, it is considered normal. I call it the core distortion, and have discovered that when it is reduced, painful symptoms begin to disappear.
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The Pain of Undercharging
By Sharon Desjarlais, CC
Are you charging what your therapy is worth? Or are you settling for fees that reflect your insecurities instead? That's an important distinction, because how you do money is how you do everything.
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Considerations When Working With Seniors
By Sharon Puszko, PhD, LMT
On January 1, 2011, the first baby boomers turned 65. Every day since then, and for the next 18 years, 10,000 people will turn 65 according to the U.S. Census. This will lead to all of us seeing more geriatric clients.
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Two Sides to Every Story
Four Reasons It's Still Great for Marketing
By Debbie Roberts, LMT
As massage therapists, how we develop our thoughts for therapy makes the difference of a general massage and a clinical massage. This case study is on sciatic nerve entrapment pain left over from a shoulder surgery.
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Triceps Injuries
By Ben Benjamin, PhD
We're now going to turn to two larger, better-known muscle-tendon units, the biceps and the triceps. Like the biceps, the triceps each crosses two joints: the elbow and the shoulder. Most triceps injuries happen near the elbow.
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Simple Business Strategies
Begin to implement these tips today to maximize your income and delight your clients.
By Angie Patrick
If you are a business owner, no doubt you are always looking for ways to maximize your income and please and delight your clients. It might be surprising to learn that making improvements can cost little to no money, save you time and effort and allow you to do what you love most - helping others.
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