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First American Business To Join Environmental Revolution In Progressive Health Practices

Tuesday, November 9, 2010: ACE Massage Cupping of Asheville, North Carolina is the first American business to join the ONE Concept environmental revolution in progressive health practices that was launched this weekend in Canada.

"It is an honor to join up with such a dynamic organization as ONE Concept," said Anita Shannon, ACE Massage Cupping. "This group has such a passion for improving our world today ... and tomorrow ... through a concerted effort to advance the way we all do business, and inspire in our field new levels of conscious integrity and support for change that will affect the planet and humanity in a beautiful way".

A green portal, ONE Concept offers their Members in the field of progressive health practices extensive green education and training, marketing and network support, and access to the most environmentally conscious products on the market.

The field of progressive health practitioners consists of businesses such as forward-thinking massage therapists, yoga studios, chiropractors, aestheticians and spas. ONE Concept also welcomes environmentally progressive suppliers to the field. Businesses can join ONE Concept by visiting

"We started ONE Concept because we believe that by educating other progressive health care practitioners and suppliers on the benefits of operating an environmentally conscious business, and by providing quality green products, ONE Concept can help us all grow our businesses and preserve our ONE planet for future generations," explains ONE Concept Co-Founder, Monica Pasinato-Forchielli.

The Official American Launch of ONE Concept will take place at the American Massage Conference, May 21-22, 2011 in Atlanta Georgia. The American Massage Conference is America's premier exhibition of massage products, continuing education and new business opportunities for therapists of all disciplines.

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