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SRB Solutions Offers Top 5 Changes for Facebook Business Effective March 30, 2012

As we all know, Facebook made some pretty dramatic changes for businesses last week. Below are the 5 items as a business owner you should know before March 30th when all Business Pages will be switched to Timeline Format.

  1. You have a landscape/billboard 852 x 300 pixels instead of profile banner. This section now is ALL about visually branding and using unique images that capture attention and communicate your business message to prospects! There are specific regulations about what kind of content is acceptable for this space. Please Review the entire list and see examples of acceptable timelines here:

  2. Despite popular belief your custom Facebook Apps for your Welcome pages did not disappear and can still be used. Actually you now have new icon space that you can change to draw attention to them. The new icons are 111 W x 74 H pixels for those "Do-it-yourselfers".

  3. New Admin Control Panel, Facebook has given you multi-level administrative control. You have 5 levels of protective controls similar to Word Press.

  4. We now have Facebook Places! For those of you who understand SEO, Ranking of website, etc... this will be very cool news! For those who don't understand the "geek-a-nese" language, this is a good thing that will help you in your effort to get more web traffic. You can now claim your Facebook Places if your page is a local business with address.

  5. Pin a post allows your valuable, informational post to stay at the top of your newsfeed. This post will stay for 7 days, you can unpin or change this at any time but Facebook will automatically unpin it after 7 consecutive days. This is GREAT news to those of you who have special upcoming events, classes, grand openings, offers, or other items you want keep at the top of your page.

We have put together several other action steps and NEW highlights regarding the changes that we will share all you have to do is email or for more information about social media visit

For questions about this Press Release or for interview call Stephanie Beck direct: 619-850-4186 or toll free 800-476-9773

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