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Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release: A Video Guide to Techniques

Deep Tissue Massage and Myofascial Release - Copyright – Stock Photo / Register Mark Minneapolis, MN - This complete set of seven DVDs by Art Riggs, MT, is a valuable resource for the professional who utilizes manual therapy. The content covers fundamentals of good practice, palpation skills, biomechanics, caution areas (such as the trigeminal nerve at the hinge of the jaw) as well as advanced techniques. Riggs presents a variety of techniques including Esalen-style gliding, joint decompression, and facilitated shortening or lengthening called "anchor and stretch". Provides over 11 hours of instruction and is a companion to the book, Deep Tissue Massage: A Visual Guide to Techniques.

"Deep Tissue Massage is a beautifully produced video set, and the demonstrations are presented without obstruction. Riggs' passion for the profession really shines through his on-camera presence. He is a great teacher and he shares an enormous amount of knowledge and wisdom on these videos."
- Lisa Mertz (Massage Therapy Journal, Spring 2004)

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